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Google My Business workshop proves popular at Bathurst

SiteSuite Web Design partners with My Business Plus and the Bathurst Regional Council to present a well received workshop in Bathhurst. Over 300 businesses attended the event that highlighted the importance of Google My Business in local search ranking and online marketing.

If you would like more information on how to improve your business visibility, call My Business Plus on 1300 889 221 or SiteSuite on 1300 130 875.  or email

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It's time to get serious about making your website mobile friendly - Google

Over the last couple of years Google has been gently encouraging businesses and webmasters to make their websites mobile friendly. With over 50% of online searches now coming from mobile devices, this is hardly surprising. However, simply encouraging the change to mobile sites hasn't been as effective as it needs to be, and the latest advice from Google is clear, there will be an algorithm change on April 21st and mobile friendly will be a clear ranking signal.

It can take time to recode or redevelop for mobile devices, so the time to make the change is right now!

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How Marketers Can Keep Pace As Mobile Rises And Matures

* is the time for marketers to focus on improving shopping experiences on mobile screens and building a loyal customer base for 2015."

The mobile tide in website use and transactions continues to rise and 2015 will see many businesses left behind if they don't embrace mobile.

from +Marketing Land 

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Google Wants To Shoot Your Business

If your website hasn't been reviewed or had a make-over within the last two years it's likely to be out of date relative to the current Google Local Search settings.

To make the most of Local Search it's really important that you employ as many positive ranking factors as you can for your website. For example have you:

- Claimed your Google+ Local listing and created your Google+ page.
- Created a YouTube channel, this is the second largest search engine and it's important that your details are listed there, not just your videos.
- Checked your directory listings for consistency.
- Reviewed your position on Google Maps.
- Created and posted a Google Business View,
Google is actively expanding the use of Business View within Australia, and we think it's a great way to profile your business, particularly with our "hotspot" technology providing great client interaction. The recent Business View of our premises that we launched in early December has had over 4,500 unique views (the new office Business View will be up shortly).

All of the above points are "positive" ranking factors that will help you rank better on Google searches. We have teamed up with "My BusinessPlus" the only Trusted Google Business View Agency in Australia and New Zealand to ensure the smooth delivery of Business Views and hotspots to our clients. Grant Hartley our digital producer and Leo Ruiu recently held a very successful regional seminar as part of the push by Google to increase the uptake of Business View.

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5 Big Company Branding Strategies Any Business Can Utilise

Why is it that so few small-business owners invest in building their brands?

Branding is one of those concepts that changes depending on who you're talking to. One of the best definitions though is that it's simply your promise to your customer. It lets them know what to expect and shows them how you are different from your competitors. This article from +Entrepreneur looks at some branding strategies that can be associated with big brands but are just as accessible to small businesses.

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Use Lifestyle Content to Revamp Your Company's Marketing Strategy

Disney knows what its customers love and that’s just what it gives them. The entertainment media giant understands that a well-proportioned content strategy is crucial to effective marketing.

from +Entrepreneur 

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3 Video Content Marketing Trends to Watch

Video marketing can be much easier than many businesses realise. Professional quality self produced video is possible with even the simplest tools, and the content can be a reimagining of your existing marketing resources.

from +Skyword 

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Mobile Integration Makes Other Digital Marketing More Effective - Survey Results

Social and mobile marketing are seeing significant momentum and uptake by marketers according to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud 2015 State of Marketing report released earlier this week. And mobile is increasingly seen as the keystone that holds everything together.

From +Marketing Land 

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3 Steps To Better Understand Your Customers’ Content Needs In 2015

Any successful business understands its customers' needs. Often though that's thought of in terms of the product and service, but with the importance of content in search and conversions, we need to understand what customers, and potential customers, want from the content we provide.

Some useful ideas here in this article from +Marketing Land 

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Happy New Year from us all at SiteSuite

The fireworks have been and gone, the Christmas ham finally finished, and thoughts turn to making 2015 a successful and satisfying year in business.

We've moved into new offices in North Sydney, (the commercial area you can see under the bridge in the photo) and in 2015 we're rolling out some exciting products and services to help your business be more visible in search and improve conversions.

The coffee is still great though, and we'd love you to come and visit us at any time.
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