Hertfordshire police were woo-woo is always welcome

What little respect I have for homeoffice has all but gone.

The lie detector is itself based on lies...

The support for these thing have discredited many times by judges phoney phd and such.

What evidence is there for lie detectors?

There is no characteristic physiological response associated with lying, it is not possible to ask a person to answer a relevant question about an alleged misdeed (e.g., "Did you stab John?"), record nervous system reactions, and make a determination of truthfulness.
consensus view is that polygraph testing has no scientific basis

Final nail in coffin ?

On 28 January 2002, retired FBI polygraph expert Dr. Drew C. Richardson
reiterated his challenge to the polygraph community to
prove their claimed ability to detect countermeasures
(techniques for passing -- or beating -- the polygraph).
This clock figure shows how long Dr. Richardson's
challenge has gone without takers. What are the
polygraph operators afraid of?

thats 9 years 10 months

So if they cant’t be trust with basics like this can they be trusted at all ?

Seems the police have no respect for the truth and will use any means fit to get the ‘truth’ they want.

So perhaps the police would like to buy my truth detectors

A special dice made from ancient stone billions of years old. We don’t know hoe it works but hey that never stopped us in the past. As for any evidence you be the judge would god let us really inaccurate a criminal.

And as with the lie detect the police should be interested in these no evidence based (therefore wrong) devices with there clear disregard for anything but the truth.

Lie detectors polygraph have been debunked so many time
It’s a wonder why queens police have even given these the time of day…….

Watching too much jerrmy kyle.


If you choose to implement this astrology surrogate, and to treat us with such deep disrespect, do not confuse our contempt for arrogance

If it disagrees with experiment its wrong
Of Colanders and Lie Detectors
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