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Stop-start is a piece of technology created to reduce your vehicles fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, by simply switching off the engine when the car is at a standstill and starting it back up when you head off again. This definitely comes in handy when you find yourself either stuck in traffic or it’s one of those unlucky days where there are red traffic lights throughout your whole journey!

When you stop and the engine is turned off, the electrical systems in your vehicle, such as the air conditioning and sound system, remain on. Unfortunately, a normal lead acid battery doesn’t retain enough energy to run these stop-start systems for a long period of time, which is why special batteries are required.

For more information on what batteries are needed for your stop-start technology and why, check out our article!
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For your vehicle to remain healthy and safe, you need to maintain it. What’s one easy way to maintain a vehicle? By regularly checking on the vital fluids that help operate the vehicle!

There are 6 main fluids that need to be kept on your maintenance checklist and for these, you will need to check that the right amount is in their individual reservoirs and that there is no contamination that could essentially stop the fluid from carrying out its role effectively.

An example of an essential fluid is engine oil. Without this oil, the engine would stop working, as there would be no fluid lubricating all the moving components of the engine and preventing friction between them. So routine checks should be made, to ensure that the oil is in good condition and that there is enough in the reservoir!

For a more detailed insight into why and how you maintain these 6 car fluids, check out our article!
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Every year, your vehicle undergoes an MOT test to detect any faults it may have and to ensure it is safe enough to drive. However, from the 20th May 2018, the rules of the MOT changed and became a little more complicated.

For example, there will be stricter rules for diesel car emissions. So, any vehicle with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) will get an automatic fail in their MOT, if the tester witnesses smoke of any colour exiting the exhaust or if they find evidence that the DPF has been tampered with.

For further information on all the changes that have been made, have a read of our blog!
#MOT #MOTchanges
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One way to maintain the health of your car and to help it remain dependable is changing the engine oil when necessary, which means knowing when it needs replacing! The engine oil has the duty of preventing the components of the engine getting damaged due to them rubbing together and causing friction. It does this by keeping them well lubricated and cool. However, after a certain time, the oil loses these properties and doesn’t do its job properly, which in turn can lead to some pretty bad consequences.

There are a number of ways you can check to see if your oil needs changing, in order to prevent your engine from suffering from old, dirty oil. Read our guide and learn them all, so you can help increase the life of your car!
#oilchange #oilreplacement
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Your car's suspension has the duty of providing you with a smooth ride, so if you begin to feel every imperfection in the road, it's possible that there is an issue with your suspension.

There are a number of common signs to look out for when dealing with suspension issues, and these will give you an indication of what part of the suspension is not working effectively. For example, feeling every bump in the road, or having your car pull to one side when driving, are two common signs to look out for.

Read the following article for a more in-depth look at each symptom your car will show if it is facing an issue with its suspension.

#suspensionproblems #suspensionissues
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It is important to maintain the health of your car, by changing the air filter when needed. An air filters function is pretty self-explanatory, it cleans the air that comes into the engine, catching any dust or contaminants.

By checking your cars service manual, it should inform you of how often your air filter needs changing, but depending on what environment you drive your car in, that time frame will vary.

A clogged up air filter is no good for the engine, as it won't effectively carry out its function, thus causing problems. An obvious example of when you know the air filter needs changing is if it looks dirty. Simply observing if it is dirty and darkened in colour, will be a hint to you that it is time for a replacement.

Read the following guide that will inform you on how to change the air filter yourself, with some clear, easy to follow steps.

#changeairfilter #replaceairfilter #diyguide #howto
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Whether it's resting your hand on the gearstick or waiting for the fuel reserve light to illuminate before filling up, these common bad habits could actually be doing your vehicle harm.

Check out this report we've compiled about some of the common bad habits that can cause your vehicle harm.

#Driving #Tips #Habits #BadHabit #CarDamage #Blog
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Mercedes EIS Switch, ESL + Key Faults

Have you experienced any of the following:
1. You go to start your car, insert the key but it doesn't turn.
2. You go to start your car, insert + turn the key but nothing happens.
3. You can start your car but none of the electrics work.
4. Your steering lock will not disengage.

Above are just some of the most common faults we see on a daily basis from customers all over the world. The EIS (Electronic Ignition Switch) is an extremely common failing part on Mercedes vehicles and equally common is the ESL (Electronic Steering Lock).

Our team of technicians specialise in EIS Repairs and ESL Repairs. We also carry a full range of replacement keys and all components in stock if your keys have failed.

Full bench testing available and all repaired units are returned with a Lifetime Warranty.

If you suspect the EIS or ESL has failed on your Mercedes-Benz, get in touch by clicking the link below or calling us on +44 203 815 9441.

#EISRepair #ESLRepair #KeyRepairs #EISRepairs #ESLRepairs #IgnitionSwitch #SteeringLock #MercEIS #EISProblems
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Dashboard Warning Lights - What Do They Mean?

Did you know: If your airbag warning light is on, your airbags may not deploy in the event of a collision.

Did you know: If your airbag warning light is on, your airbags could potentially deploy at any moment without warning!

We've put together a list of some of the most common dashboard warning lights and what they mean. Ignoring a dashboard warning light can cause serious damage to your vehicle.

#MIL #DashLights #DashWarningLights
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Common Turbo Problems & How To Spot Them!

If your vehicle is noisier than usual, less efficient or smoking - you may have a faulty turbocharger. Ignoring the symptoms can cause devastating and irreparable damage.

In this post we look at all the common ways a turbo can fail and how to spot the signs of a failing turbocharger before it's too late.

If your turbo has failed and you're looking for a turbo specialist to rebuild your turbo then get in touch. Sinspeed carries a full range of turbochargers and offers turbo repairs with a 2-Year warranty. Check out this Turbo Repair page for more information:

#TurboFault #TurboFix #TurboRebuild #TurboSmoke #TurboIssue #TurboProblem
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