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I have created this #disclaimer symbol ~^~ to signify the law-abiding nature of anything I express, or any activity I partake in, on the internet. For example I occasionally Tweet-Blog-Post or search regarding Anonymous. Sometimes I communicate with Anons so it is important make clear that all my communications are law-abiding. People sometimes misconstrue, misinterpret, or misunderstand things. For example I often mention the world EXPLOSION therefore people could mistakenly think I want to blow things up ~^~. I am critical of various groups but my criticisms are always lawful. Nothing illegal (criminal) should be inferred regarding anything I communicate or do online. If anyone associates criminality, criminal intent, support, encouragement, incitement, or glorification regarding any crime in relation to anything I state or do, then they have grossly misconstrued my communications.

It would be very wrong to assume I condone criminal hacking or piracy  purely because I sometimes communicate with #Anonymous . My point is that all my communications are law-abiding (lawful, legal) and people should not infer otherwise. I do not condone any form of criminality.

I won't include the disclaimer in every post but it applies to all of my posted data (words, images, etc). You are welcome to use it too, and I encourage you to do so. If the symbol enters common language then wider knowledge of it will decrease potential misunderstandings.



For example this report shows how intentions can be misconstrued:

Here is more info about Paul Chambers:

My disclaimer could be useful for lots of people:

Various departments around the world, regarding national and international Governmental security, are aware of my activities. I know for a fact they collate regularly information about me therefore I expect everything I do online to be scrutinized. My personal life under the microscope means I am exceptionally aware of surveillance issues, but normal people have also witnessed growing moves towards total surveillance for all people, which was epitomized by the following report from Mashable regarding how Facebook monitors chats for potential criminal activity:

Stopping crime is very commendable but sometimes the authorities can be overzealous therefore mistakes happen. Innocent people such as Jean Charles de Menezes are shot because the police and Security Services falsely thought he was a terrorist:

Paul Chambers was finally acquitted on appeal, regarding the Twitter Joke Trial (, but the interim period of suffering is something best avoided, furthermore no appeal can rectify the damage done to Jean Charles de Menezes, therefore misunderstanding is best nipped in the bud before it can bloom into disaster, which is where my disclaimer symbol excels. My symbol highlights how innocuous or contentious activities, which some people could misinterpret negativity, should never be misinterpreted negatively. The symbol (~^~) signifies total law-biding activity, total compliance with the law, thus it avoids any misinterpretation when people in authority may be in doubt regarding specific activities.

Everyone is welcome to use my symbol. You have permission to copy it, download it, upload it, and post it anywhere you want. I only ask you to refrain from breaking the law.

Commenting on the Twitter Joke Trial, Al Murray compared the authorities to the "Stasi" (a repressive and criminal department of Government Intelligence, secret police: thus what some people may deem to be over-cautiousness regarding my symbol, is actually very justified caution in my opinion. I prefer to be better safe than sorry.

Here are a few sightly different symbols for you to choose from:,8P3hA,Q1K7J,ZPv5X#0
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do you really think this will protect you? or will prevent misunderstanding?
shouldn't it be: innocent until proven guilty in any case?
+Anna Bluesfish It should be, but since the global government just so happens to view anything outside their suggestive influence as harmful, we have to clarify anything we do and say..............I support this action, +Singularity Utopia
Yes, +Anna Bluesfish it should be but those days are gone I fear. Thanks +Brian Geniesse, it is a interestingly artistic image too in addition to the important political message it presents. Please share the post so that I can get a wider audience for this idea.
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