The rise of UK slave labour. #slavelabour

Yes it is great when unemployed people can find fulfilling work; they need a vocation to direct their skills, they need to help the world, making civilization better instead of festering in despondent unemployed apathy; but if there is actually work available why are they not being paid a normal wage?

It saves money if you can force someone to do the work of a nurse, care-giver, or cleaner for free, but the facts are this is slave labour.

We all know during this current financial climate money needs to be saved to bailout bankers, CEOs, directors, politicians, and other upper-echelons who would prefer to crush poor people instead of instead seeing a cut in their vast fortunes.

There are even plans being discussed to force mentally ill and disabled people to work or lose their unemployment-benefits:

Alarming times! Yesterday I posted about anti-intellectualism in the US (, which in conjunction with growing moves towards UK slave labour causes concern regarding the direction of our world. The financial crisis has not yet really delivered a mortal blow, but there are signs in Greece ( indicating the situation could become much worse; we could see a horrific financial collapse which the bailouts futilely tried to prevent. Maybe many more people will soon be forced into slave labour. The best bailout for a business is to totally cut all wages, merely giving the workers (slaves) enough money (the absolute minimum slave wage) to feed and clothe themselves.

Read more about "mandatory work activity":

Mandatory work activity is a euphemism for slave labour.

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