Sigourney Weaver told Fox News (4 Mar 2015) she is not afraid of #artificialintelligence in the slightest. On the issue of intelligent robots she said "...I don't think there's any reason for us to be afraid of them." She is also "impatient" for our AI future.

#Chappie is a movie is about a "black sheep" robot that develops consciousness via unofficial programming. Chappie says: “I am consciousness, I am alive, I am Chappie.”

CNET wrote (4 Mar 2015): "The Chappie robot isn't a far-fetched concept when you look at the progress being made today in robotics. DARPA's walking robot Atlas doesn't need support or power cords. Google's robotic dog doesn't fall over when kicked. And researchers developed a computer that can teach itself how to play games."

Make sure you watch the video in the above CNET link. Hugh Jackman says he would love to see intelligent robots; he thinks they won't destroy us. Sigourney Weaver says the thing to fear is humans regarding corrupted programming of robots; she doesn't think smart robots will be inherently bad.

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