Vicarious is trying to build human-level #artificialintelligence according to the following TechInsider report (8 Oct 2015).

Here are two good quotes from TechInsider:

"A computer that has human-level intelligence wouldn't just be a breakthrough in AI, it would answer one of the most fundamental questions in science — how do you build an intelligent machine? It would also completely change society — imagine being surrounded by artificial beings as smart as you at work, at home, and at the grocery store."

"While Vicarious isn't forthcoming about their timeline, they want to build human-level AI as soon as possible. They're doing this by building an AI that emulates how the brain works — specifically the neocortex, the area of that brain that's responsible for perception and information processing, and they're making incremental progress."

#stongAI #AGI #humanlevelAI  
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