In a BBC interview (30th Aug 2013) the British science historian James Burke talked about how personal nano-factories will make everything free, things will cost nothing or virtually nothing, governments will cease to exist, all crime will end. Using air, water, dirt, and a little bit of acetylene gas people will make anything. James Burke said: "Something is going to happen in about forty years time, if my guess is right, if everybody else's guess is right, that is going to change things probably more, almost than since we left the caves." (you can also listen to the interview via the media embedded in this Tweet:

Some of his key points are:

■ People will become entirely autonomous.

■ Technology will destroy the present socio-economic system via the abolition of scarcity.

■ There will be no need for institutions, nations, or governments because the end of scarcity will abolish crime.

■ The next twenty years (2013-2033) will move so fast and in so many directions we will struggle to keep up with technological acceleration.

■ Every aspect of our life for the past 150,000 talkative years has been dictated by scarcity. Nanofactories will bring something we are unprepared for.

I think James Burke is slightly too late with his "forty years" (2053) prediction. I think thirty-two years (2045) will be ample time.

The whole interview is worth listening to but the good bit starts at around the eight minutes point.

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It is good to hear a highly respected science historian expressing these views. Previously these views, except for Peter Diamandis in his book Abundance, have been largely fringe ideas, thus people have been very dismissive of the concepts. Perhaps people will now find it easily to accept the inevitability of the seemingly impossible, the end of governments, the age of everything being free.

Here are a few Singularity-themed links regarding Post-Scarcity:

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BBC Tweet:

Updated: I could hardly write this post because I was so excited by the interview, it is amazing to hear such radical futuristic ideas on a mainstream platform like the BBC, I think I have eliminated all the typos now :)- ENJOY!
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