The painted turtle genome has been decoded, which could lead to stoke, hypothermia, longevity, and other health related treatments. The painted turtle can survive being frozen solid therefore this knowledge could be relevant to future #cryonics although by the time you can apply this freeze-survival property of these turtles to humans you will probably be able to cure all disease, so other than for possible intergalactic space travel the need to freeze people will be rare.

Washington University in St Louis wrote: "Understanding the natural mechanisms turtles use to protect the heart and brain from oxygen deprivation may one day improve treatments for heart attacks or strokes, the researchers say." wrote: "A close look at the turtle genome reveals that these creatures do not rely on novel genes for their unique physiological adaptions, such as the ability to withstand oxygen deprivation. Rather, they activate gene networks common to most vertebrates, including humans, but use those genes in different ways." wrote: "It [the turtle] can also hold its breath for up to four days at room temperature without suffering oxygen deprivation and up to four months when hibernating, said Brad Shaffer of UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability and one of the authors of the study published in the latest edition of the journal Genome Biology." wrote: "This work consistently indicates that common vertebrate regulatory networks, some of which have analogs in human diseases, are often involved in the western painted turtle achieving its extraordinary physiological capacities. The authors argue that the painted turtle may offer important insights into the management of a number of human health disorders, particularly those involved with anoxia and hypothermia." wrote: "Shaffer and his colleagues hope solving the DNA puzzle may one day lead to innovations in treating hypothermia, frostbite, heart attacks or strokes."

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