Contrary to reports you will read in the media, from time to time, the #Singularity is not about mind-uploading. The divide between humans and machines will transpire to be a false divide, but currently due the primitiveness of "machines" (the clunking metallic type), there appears to be a divide but the divide is illusory. The Singularity is not "digital," the Singularity is an intelligence explosion. Relatively soon due to synbio, gene therapy, and stem cell tweaks to the human genome, clunking "machines" will seem very primitive. Already the human body is generally a studier vessel than a computer because we can maintain ourselves and we can self-repair. The mind-uploading illusion is based on the notion of the human genome remaining static, which is a very unlikely scenario.
Huff Post wrote: "Generally speaking, the transhumanist movement envisions using science and technology to surmount humanity's natural limitations. The most famous transhumanist of the moment is probably Peter Thiel, a founder of PayPal who in 2006 invested $3.5 million into the Methusaleh Foundation, a group that is looking for an alternative to aging. Other transhumanists include Robert Ettinger, who invented cryonics, and Ray Kurzweil, who first proposed the digital "singularity.""

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