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For the record, the viewpoint of S45 (this page) is that the unfathomable model of the Singularity is logically flawed, it is illogical, it is unintelligent. Intelligence increases both comprehension and accessibility. The Singularity in its actual state will not be hidden behind an event horizon, there will be no barriers to understanding. A detailed explanation regarding these points will be published sometime in April 2014 (hopefully).

In the meantime. To distinguish between the crystal clear (utterly lucid) Singularity, and the unfathomably unpredictable event-horizon version, note these issues can be classed as Singularity Modernism versus Singularity Traditionalism. The traditionalist viewpoint is unfathomable, mysterious, resembling God. Modernism is the abolition of all barriers, no censorship whatsoever, completely fluid access to comprehension for all people.

+Singularity 2045 is the Modernism viewpoint.

Despite disagreement it's great to note people discussing the Singularity in any shape or form. Here are a couple of quotes from io9:

"The singularity is a recognition that technology has and can continue to be a force of good on this planet—and potentially others as well."

"A time may come when artificial intelligence enables machines to be far more capable than humans — and not just at Jeopardy as recently demonstrated by IBM's Watson. The future holds promise as more who are passionate about creating a better future opt to participate in finding solutions."

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