If anyone ever asks you about #3Dprinting show them this post then watch their brain melt with #futureoverload - below is a great summary of early to mid 2013 news about 3D-printing, and this is only the beginning!

bloomberg.com wrote:  "In a few decades, things could get really interesting. Engineers should be able to blend raw materials in new ways, endow products with nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, and create objects that interact with their physical environment. Imagine military armor embedded with sensors that track wear and tear, or a turbine blade that monitors its own temperature." http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-05-12/your-future-will-be-manufactured-on-a-3d-printer.html

http://goo.gl/VTDk7 3D-printed robot assembles itself.
http://goo.gl/nv4w3 Salt and wood, odd 3D-printed materials.
http://goo.gl/7kvjv 3D-printing interweaves cartilage grown from calf cells with a nanoparticle antenna.
http://goo.gl/pdyue Mini human livers printed.
http://goo.gl/j2vOB 3D-printed car.
http://goo.gl/NkPLz Prospective 3D-printed pizza for astronauts.
http://goo.gl/14d0l 3D-printed guns.
http://goo.gl/fIsIB 3D-printed synthetic tissue.
http://goo.gl/ZBUeB 3D-printed stem cells.
http://goo.gl/2C8V4 Biopolymer 3D-bioprinted airway splint saves baby.
http://goo.gl/xSMdF Edible 3D-printed sugar sculptures.
http://goo.gl/gZMxw 3D-printed iphone shoe.
http://goo.gl/dEXc7 Printed Prosthetic Robohand.
http://goo.gl/zo8Ke Printers for World Peace.
http://goo.gl/Y9Iky Printers to end world hunger and food waste.
http://goo.gl/yE739 Printed hearts are good diagnostic tools for surgeons.
http://goo.gl/bY0ee Kinect enables gesture 3D-printing.
http://goo.gl/vfNvS 3D-printing of gardening equipment.
http://goo.gl/KO0nA US military contemplates using 3D-printers.
http://goo.gl/3E0rR Printed shoes for perfect fit.
http://goo.gl/s9ITR Printed clay and Play-Doh.
http://goo.gl/jZxuu Printing food.
http://goo.gl/oCtkK Printing feelings-thoughts directly from your mind (brain computer interface).
http://goo.gl/8ahvr 3D-printing gets section on Amazon.
http://goo.gl/aWBj7 Boing Boing 3D-printing summary, jet engine parts etc.
http://goo.gl/otPQS Print your head on a doll's body.
http://goo.gl/ghOf8 Mirco-batteries, grain of sand size.
http://goo.gl/B05qm Sad Keanu.
In a gizmodo.com interview Bre Pettis (CEO of MakerBot Industries) said: "One of our biggest challenges is actually education and awareness. Getting people to understand, first of all what a 3D printer is—it's a machine that makes you things—and what it can do for you—it can make you pretty much anything you want within certain parameters. That challenge for us is, we're dedicated to building infrastructure for creative people, to make anything. And as part of that we have to educate people so that they know what's possible." http://gizmodo.com/makerbot-founder-3d-printing-is-the-next-industrial-5995219

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