The tiny copter market will explode soon. Recently there have been various types of flying minicams, some purely military and some for every day consumers. In no particular order we have (actually there does seem to be an order, I have listed the non-military ones fist, 1-4):

1. #Mecam miniquadcopter
2. #Crazyflie nano (not really nano) quadcopter by Bitcraze.
3. #Dragonfly robot drone.
4. Festo BionicOpter Festo - BionicOpter
5. British Army minicopter, single rotor.
6. SQ-4 UAV (mini prototypes are almost possible, they are coming soon, see video below and see screen-shots here:,0Aws30L#1).
7. Concept video for military micro insect/bee UAVs: US Air Force Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle


Crazyflie Nano
Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter pre-release video

Dragonfly drone

BionicOpter (dragonfly based)
Festo - BionicOpter

British Army

SQ-4 Recon - Tomorrow's Technology

Mechanical Insect Army Drones

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Note also the possibility of flying phones in the future, or least phones with air-jets and air-bags to protect from accidental dropping:

Note this report ( about future drones following  people around like pets:

Update: aquatic-underwater drone:
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