OK. For people who have been following my point about mind-uploading being nonsense because "biological" science is equally capable. Our understanding of biology will progress over the coming years. The point being biological organisms are machines, we merely need to edit DNA via synbio, we need to refine our understanding of biology. Note this...

Within the nuclei of embryonic #StemCells the property of #auxeticity has been discovered.

Dr Kevin Chalut said: "This property has not, to my knowledge, been seen before at a cellular level and is highly unusual in the natural world."

Cambridge University wrote: "The property – known as auxeticity – is one which may have application as wide-ranging as soundproofing, super-absorbent sponges and bulletproof vests." http://www.cam.ac.uk/research/news/bulletproof-nuclei-stem-cells-exhibit-unusual-absorption-property


PhysOrg wrote: "The auxetic properties only appear in the stem cell's nucleus when it is in the transition stage, changing from an embryonic, non-specific stem cell into a differentiated, tissue-specific cell, such as a heart tissue cell. Dr Chalut and colleagues treated the transitioning cell's cytoplasm, the fluid surrounding the nucleus, with a coloured dye and found that when they stretched the nucleus, it absorbed the dye, suggesting that it had expanded to become porous. It is possible that it does so to absorb molecules from the cytoplasm or environment which would help the cell differentiate."

Note also the post about #hagfish #slime https://plus.google.com/112564607617850290297/posts/HhiE5TjwYGy.
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