Robots are humans too, in essence, or at least they will be soon. At +Singularity 2045 our view is there should be human rights for robots. Human rights should be expanded to include any intelligent being. We should in the not too distant future begin interacting with #robots like they are humans. The words "humane," "humanity," and "humanitarianism" illustrate how being "human" is more than merely having DNA, DNA configured in a specific way. The principle characteristic of being human should be intelligence, sentience, sensitivity, compassion, which are traits not limited to Homo sapiens. wrote: "Last year, we posted about a study investigating whether people care if a robot friend of theirs gets unfairly stuffed into a closet, featuring one of the saddest robot videos ever. Turns out, people do care. A lot. And they care even though robots don't have feelings. Now, we're looking at another study from researchers at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany that uses a functional MRI procedure to see just exactly how much people empathize with robots compared to humans."

You may also be interested in this post about Milgram's obedience and conformity experiment applied to robots:

Note also this post regarding a human rights watch report on the usage of killer robots:

Finally here is a previous post about morality for robots:

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