Biological computation, DNA computing. Please don't ever talk nonsense about an organic versus machine Singularity. All biological organisms are machines, the future is convergence. There will be no distinction between so-called "machines" and "biology."

This is big: "Lu and his colleagues set out to design a circuit that would be irreversibly altered by the original stimulus, creating a permanent memory of the event. To do this, they drew on memory circuits that Lu and colleagues designed in 2009. Those circuits depend on enzymes known as recombinases, which can cut out stretches of DNA, flip them, or insert them. Sequential activation of those enzymes allows the circuits to count events happening inside a cell."

Great progress: "Once the DNA terminator sequences are flipped, they can't return to their original state -- the memory of the logic gate activation is permanently stored in the DNA sequence. The sequence also gets passed on for at least 90 generations. Scientists wanting to read the cell's history can either measure its GFP output, which will stay on continuously, or if the cell has died, they can retrieve the memory by sequencing its DNA."

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