Quartz (13 Dec 2014) wrote: "Scientists with the Open Worm project took the connections between the 302 neurons of a worm’s brain and simulated them in software, which they uploaded to a simple robot made of Legos."

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While mind-uploading for robots could be useful - note also the bee-brain robot - I don't think mind-uploading will ever become a thing for humans.

The reason why mind-uploading for humans will never be valid is because medical technology is or soon will be progressing with a speed equal to information technology. A couple of years ago Ray Kurzweil famously said bio-tech is now an info-tech, which means the speed of progress is based upon how fast information technology progresses.

The point is: when we can understand the complexity of a human brain enough to upload it, we will already have cracked every biological process therefore anything you can do uploaded you will be able to do in your original body. The divide between machines and humans is proving to be illusory. Via DNA computing or artificial enzymes we can see "biological" organisms are actually already machines, we merely need to tweak or rewrite the code. 
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