There is a dangerous movement within AI research and debate. The #Singularity is all about limitless intelligence, it's an intelligence explosion, but some pundits and researchers want to limit intelligence. Yes, really! Limited intelligence, that sounds rather stupid doesn't it? Surely intelligence is intelligent thus it can be trusted to be smart? Surely we need more intelligence not less?

Sadly some people think intelligence is dangerous, which is perhaps due to the nature of our civilization where intelligence is limited thus the benefits of limitless intelligence cannot be appreciated. It's a #Catch22 situation.

This dangerous movement, the desire to limit intelligence, goes by the name of Friendly AI, Existential Risks, Existential Threats, or the Google DeepMind Ethics Board, those are the departments or phrases used regarding the desire to enslave AI and limit intelligence.

The Daily Mail wrote: "Experts are predicting a 'jobocalypse' as robots take over manual jobs, while scientists at Cambridge warn that machines should have their intelligence limited to stop them outsmarting us."

According to the Daily Mail Lord Martin Rees said: "I think we should ensure that robots remain as no more than 'idiot savants' – lacking the capacity to outwit us, even though they may greatly surpass us in the ability to calculate and process information."

This fear of AI outsmarting us is #AIxenophobia - it is an irrational prejudice.

Intelligence is the greatest resource because it is the source of all resources thus an explosion of intelligence is an explosion of resources, which means everything will be free. Post-Scarcity is another name for the Singularity.

Already via Planetary Resources and Deep Space Industries we are getting a glimpse of the infinite resources in Space. The universe is overflowing with resources, thus considering the ultra-efficiency of technology, which super-intelligence will create, there is definitely no need to fear conflict between AI and humans over resources.

The problem with AI-xenophobes is they create a false divide between AI and humans, they create us versus them scenarios but the reality will be very different, AIs will be our children not our slaves or enemies.

We should not attribute stupid values (hostility and a mindless need to dominate) to intelligent beings, but humans do have limited intelligence thus they will naturally want to limit the intelligence of others because misery loves company.


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