Without doubt #artificialintelligence will attain super-human #Singularity intelligence no later than 2045, despite the skepticism of some critics. The following MIT Technology Review article (1 Oct 2015), states current advanced AI can match the IQ of a four year old human.

Let's assume AI progresses at the rate of human intelligence. The current AI (with an IQ of a four year old) would have the IQ of a thirty-four year old in 2045, thirty years from 2015.

We know, however, AI (or information technology), is progressing at an accelerating rate, the growth is exponential. This means AI in year 2045 should have an IQ at least thousands of times beyond adult human IQ from 2015.

Humans will not be left behind either. Via mere genetic engineering human IQ should also at least one thousand times beyond our current 2015 level, which I recently posted about (https://goo.gl/V4Ug2T).

Here are a few  good quotes from the Technology Review article (1 Oct 2015):

"The rapid advances in information processing technology in recent years have created computing devices with formidable powers. These machines have long been better than humans at arithmetic, certain games such as chess, and more recently at advanced pattern recognitions tasks such as face recognition. "

"Taking Ohlsson and co’s result at face value, it’s taken 60 years of AI research to build a machine in 2012 that can come anywhere close to matching the common sense reasoning of a four-year old. But the nature of exponential improvements raises the prospect that the next six years might produce similarly dramatic improvements."

"So a question that we ought to be considering with urgency is: what kind of AI machine might we be grappling with in 2018?"

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