The #Singularity is a technological explosion of intelligence. #ArtificialIntelligence #machinelearning #robotics #3Dprinting and #StemCells will converge to create utopia. Everything will be free. #Immortality and eternal youth will be available to all people. Old people will rewind their age to any age they desire. All diseases will be eradicated.

It can be difficult for people to foresee this happening because typically people are unaware of how our rate of progress is accelerating. People wrongly think this century they will see the equivalent of 100 years of progress, similar to the speed of progress during the 20th century, but the reality is this century we will see at least 20,000 years worth of progress based on the rate of progress in the year 2001.

No later than 2045 the rate of progress will be so fast there will be a massive explosion of intelligence, which means we will have the artificial brainpower to solve any problem such as faster-than-light space travel.

In this future the majority of people will have left Earth to explore strange new worlds, it is a future where nobody needs to work, nobody suffers, and all governments have become obsolete. It is a completely new stage in evolution. It is total freedom! The Singularity is the point where we become masters of reality, we will control our natural world with supreme skill.

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