Remember the #TuringTest news from June 2014? Here is an interesting blog-post regarding the debate, note this paragraph:

"We live in a world where a computer has already solved an 80 year old mathematics problem, but the answer is too long for humans to check the proof. It is a world where a robot-scientist in 2009 devised  its own experiment. The robot-scientist in question made a breakthrough where humans since the 1960s had failed. In November 2013 Google engineers claimed their deep learning system was thinking in ways they could not understand."


Also via: http://transhumanity.net/opinion-singularity-disputes-turing-test-turmoil-an-interesting-discussion/

#narrowAI #WeakAI  

Archives: https://archive.today/J6rJx and https://archive.today/WCnRR.
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