The year is 2014. Already #artificialintelligence is beginning help to help extend our lives via cancer detection and treatment.

The BBC reported on Brittany Wenger, who used AI to help diagnose cancer: "She is only 19 but has already experimented with neural networks, built prototype software to help doctors diagnose breast cancer, won a $50,000 college scholarship from Google and been invited to the White House to showcase her research."

In another similar news report, regarding a study at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City, Re/code wrote: "The study itself is largely indistinguishable from the hundreds of cancer trials under way at any given time in the United States — but the drug development process was unorthodox. It wasn’t a scientist who spotted the potential of BPM 31510. It was an artificial intelligence program, running on the servers of a Framingham, Mass., startup named Berg Pharma."
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