We are starting to explore the powerful ramifications of technology. In the year 2003 if you told people about the idea of programming molecules, creating intelligent chemical reactions, they'd have probably said you were insane, but now in year 2013 these issues are receiving serious consideration. People are becoming aware of the possibilities. Can you imagine how things will have changed in the year 2023 or 2033?

PhysOrg wrote: "Adams' and Napp's work demonstrates that some aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) could be implemented at microscopic scales using molecules. In the long term, the researchers say, such theoretical developments could open the door for "smart drugs" that can automatically detect, diagnose, and treat a variety of diseases using a cocktail of chemicals that can perform AI-type reasoning."

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See also: http://www.seas.harvard.edu/news/2013/12/programming-smart-molecules and http://wyss.harvard.edu/viewpressrelease/134/programming-smart-molecules http://archive.is/ERbDo and http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/12/131212160349.htm
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