#artificialintelligence in humans, via genome editing, a genetic boost, is possible. If true or traditional AI is not possible then worry not. Humans have the technology to become very smart via biology alone, if we significantly engineer our genes.

Nautilus (3 Sept 2015) wrote: "The potential for improved human intelligence is enormous. Cognitive ability is influenced by thousands of genetic loci, each of small effect. If all were simultaneously improved, it would be possible to achieve, very roughly, about 100 standard deviations of improvement, corresponding to an IQ of over 1,000. We can’t imagine what capabilities this level of intelligence represents, but we can be sure it is far beyond our own. Cognitive engineering, via direct edits to embryonic human DNA, will eventually produce individuals who are well beyond all historical figures in cognitive ability. By 2050, this process will likely have begun."
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