Undoubtedly you are aware, or you should be aware, of how Singularity 2045 is very #atheist indeed. Importantly we should note the contrary view, a minority of very religious people who support radical technology. Their radical technology is questionable similar to their very dubious religious views.

What is their questionable technology? I am addressing #minduploading which I have critiqued previously (https://plus.google.com/+Singularity-2045/posts/VvFxhxhGVVN) regarding the #Transcendence movie.

Uploading human brains is not inherently religious, but the flawed logic of it does make it a good bed-partner for religious views. Neither is uploading flawed merely because religious people are drawn to it.

The questionable aspect is only regarding the implementation of the technology, which means it will likely be possible to upload a human brain but there is simply no need to do it because DNA can provide everything uploading can. The advantage of DNA is there is no risk of consciousness being lost during transference, thus the application of technology regarding uploading humans is misguided. If the risk of consciousness loss could be reduced to zero the procedure is nevertheless misguided due the futility of a procedure offering no particular advantage over DNA. Uploading is tantamount to transferring all your data from one hard drive to an essentially identical hard drive, it is a waste of time, a waste of intelligence thus futile, it is stupid.

The uploading issue is a false divide between "machines" and "biology" is being created. Uploaders mistakenly think machines are very different to biology, furthermore they idiotically rush to embrace primitive machines, which currently are significantly less advanced than biology machines.

In an ideal world science enthusiasts would be ruthlessly logical. They would be immune to religious nonsense. A passion for science unfortunately does not make a person immune from stupidity. For example #Einstein while intelligent in many areas idiotically stated: “Science without religion is lame...”

Perhaps we can forgive Einstein's “lame” statement because he also reportedly stated “The word god is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses,” which he elaborated upon by stating the “primitive legends” of the Bible are “pretty childish.” http://www.theguardian.com/science/2008/may/12/peopleinscience.religion

TIME reported on the issue of mind-uploading regarding the #Terasem techno-religion. Terasem states “technology is God.” TIME wrote:

“Johnny Depp puts a face, or at least a voice, to that far-out vision with the release of Transcendence Friday. Depp plays a terminally ill artificial intelligence researcher who uploads his consciousness into a computer, a plot that will land many of the ideas behind Terasem in movie theaters around the world. ”

One mistake TIME makes is conflating Google's investment in immortality medicine with digital immortality. Immortality via DNA is different to immortality via mind-uploading. This type of mistake has led some people to think the Singularity is actually mind-uploading.

The bad science of mind-uploading (mind-files, digital scrapbooking) means people are less inclined to appreciate the logic of genuinely radical technological progress. TIME is thus skeptical of our ability to control the universe by 2045. TIME wrote:

“The ability to control the universe like some sort of galaxy genie probably isn’t going to happen no matter how many times you watch The Matrix, and even if it does, it’s not going to be any time soon. But though the majority of transhumanists identify as atheists or agnostics, some have flocked to new religions like Terasem, which satisfy a yen for a spiritual sustenance in people whose lives are increasingly devoted to technology. ”

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