The problem of ageing in humans is being addressed on many fronts, note for example this recent post ( about genetic engineering regarding #telomeres - which caused me to remember the Easter Island drug #rapamycin and there is also #resveratrol (SIRT1) and #SIRT3 to consider, #sirtuins in general are relevant to immortality, read about SIRT3 here:

When I recently (27 Mar 2013) posted about resveratrol ( SIRT1) I included the following quote from the "Drugs that could combat ageing and help people to live to 150-years-old may be available within five years, following landmark research."

Anyway, regarding rapamycin, wrote: "Aging researchers currently acknowledge only two life-extending interventions in mammals: calorie restriction and genetic manipulation. Rapamycin appears to partially shut down the same molecular pathway as restricting food intake or reducing growth factors."

See also: and

From the above link regarding Easter Island (rapamycin), here is a good quote: "Hitherto a matter for science fiction, the idea of an anti-ageing drug which would allow people to prolong their natural lifespan and also to avoid age-related diseases is now being seriously considered for the first time as a result of the findings by American researchers."

For further reading note: (Barshop Institute for Longevity and Aging Studies),, and

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We are apparently looking at a many-pronged attack on ageing and I am sure there are many more prongs than following four points:

1. Genetic engineering regarding telomeres.
2. Resveratrol (SIRT1) pill in development.
3. SIRT3 blood stem cell infusion.
4. Rapamycin.

This tangible progress in 2013 and earlier does give clear indication humans will eventually be immortal due to advances in medical science.
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