Here is a #Singularity article from The Guardian asking if we are already living it. The answer is a big NO! The Singularity is not happening in year 2014. Many people misunderstand the Singularity. People are often confused about what the Singularity actually is, thus in the about section of +Singularity 2045 you will find four clear descriptors to determine if the Singularity is happening, which should eliminate misunderstanding. Please find those descriptors copied below the following Guardian quote.

"...we are already living in the singularity, and have been living in it since early humans first wielded tools and made fire. The question is not whether the singularity will arrive – it seems certain technological progress will continue – but whether we can continue to nurture human value in the face of inhuman forces. If the imagined visions of science fiction continue to conform to Walter's law, we need to keep human life front and centre in the equation."

1. Immortality for everyone via regenerative medicine.
2. Everything is free.
3. All governments and crimes have been abolished.
4. All resources are limitless due to limitless intelligence.

#Protip - Singularity should be capitalised to distinguish its status as an event dissimilar to the lower-case mathematical/cosmological singularity.
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