There are other examples of #artificialintelligence solving genetic or math problems humans can not. Here in a specific area of biology (embryogenesis) we apparently have a new development regarding "evolutionary computation."

Michael Levin (Ph.D.) stated this is the "...first time artificial intelligence has been used to discover a molecular model that explains why some groups of cells deviate from normal development during embryogenesis..."

Explaining, and curing, abnormal embryo development is one of many talents AI will help humans with in the future. Via a superior understanding of biology AI will allow humans to become immortal, and super-intelligent. Genetic engineering alone will ensure our immortality (no need to become a cyborg or upload your mind to the Kurzweil cloud).

The TuftsNow article (7 Oct 2015) added: "For the Science Signaling work, the researchers applied a type of artificial intelligence called evolutionary computation to pinpoint the molecular mechanisms underlying earlier research in which they induced normal pigment cells in embryonic Xenopus laevis frogs to metastasize. Researchers used a series of drugs to disrupt the cells' normal bioelectrical and serotonergic signaling at a crucial stage of development. Even in the absence of DNA damage or exposure to carcinogens, the pigment cells of the affected embryos acquired bizarre, branch-like shapes and developed other melanoma-like characteristics, proliferating uncontrollably and invading the frogs’ internal organs."
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