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#NickBostrom is the King of logical fallacies regarding the supposed #artificialintelligence #existentialrisk we are allegedly approaching.

#Bostrom compares human treatment of gorillas to how AI could treat humans. This is a chalk and cheese comparison, apples and oranges.

The Globe and Mail (1 May 2015) asked Nick Bostrom: "Why do you think the development of super-intelligent machines could be an existential threat to humanity?"

Nick Bostrom replied: "If you take a step back and think about the human condition, we can see that intelligence has played a shaping role. It’s because of our slightly greater general intelligence that we humans now occupy our dominant position on planet Earth. And even though, say, our ape ancestors were physically stronger than us, the fate of the gorillas now rests in our hands because with our technology, developed through our intelligence, we have unprecedented powers. For basically the same reason, if we develop machines that radically exceed human intelligence, they too could be extremely powerful and able to shape the future according to their preferences. So the transition to the machine-intelligence era looks like a momentous event and one I think associated with significant existential risk."

The comparison would only be valid if gorillas had intelligently engineered the human race, whereupon their higher engineered intelligence dominated them (the creator).

If gorillas had created greater than gorilla intelligence, if gorillas had engineered human minds (our genome), whereupon the created AIs (humans) dominated or harmed gorillas, the comparison would be valid. The problem is humans are not the AIs of gorillas.

The situation of humans intelligently engineering intelligence greater than our own is utterly unlike any species below us. Inter-species hierarchical comparisons regarding natural evolution, showing no intelligent AI design of a higher species by the lower species, does not translate to the engineering of artificial intelligence (artificial evolution).

Artificial intelligence is a new stage of evolution, which we cannot compare to natural evolution where no intelligent engineering of AI occurred.

Points regarding gorilla-human-AI difference to consider are:

1. Humans and AI have a close creator-created relationship, which humans and gorillas do not have.

2. Humans understand the engineering of AI minds whereas gorillas have ZERO idea how our minds were created.

3. The technological civilization needed to create AI is wholly different, or will be wholly different, to the world where humans dominate gorillas. The point here is technology for humans able to create AI will not remain at 2015 levels. Very advanced tech at the point of superhuman intelligence will ensure the primitiveness of inter-species dominance is obviated. 3D-printing of meat will replace farming. Asteroid mining and space colonization, along with greater efficiency, will ensure there is no need to battle over limited resources.

4. If gorillas had created us they would be able to communicate intelligently with us. I am certain we would have endless respect for their AI-engineering feat, which means we would without question grant our creators equal rights. Their high technological civilization would be very different to their zero technology, their rainforest existence, which means our attitude and relationship would be wholly different. Imagine if gorillas had a well established civilization, with laws, science, and clear culture; such a civilization would be inevitable if gorillas had created human minds (AI).

5. The correct analogy regarding human-AI is parent-child. The procreation is artificial but this does not lessen the fact we are in essence giving birth to AI. Gorillas made zero contribution to our birth. They did not design or nurture us.

6. Millions of years separating humans and gorillas are unlike a few decades separating "humans" and AI, which means our close creator-parental relationship will never be forgotten. Primates evolved fifty-five million years ago. Apes evolved twenty-eight million years ago. AI will progress from non-living to super-intelligent within 30 years.

7. Communication between AI and humans will easily be possible, whereas human-gorilla communication is either impossible or extremely difficult. Human intelligence is sufficiently intelligent to allow communication with and understanding of higher intelligence, whereas gorillas are cognitively limited. Humans have passed a threshold level of intelligence utterly unlike any species below us.

What do you think the precise fallacy of Bostrom is, Affirming the Consequent, False Cause, correlation does not imply causation? Or perhaps plain idiocy is sufficient to define his fallacy?

He is essentially saying cheese looks like chalk therefore chalk has the qualities of cheese.

Similarity, visual similarity in this case, leads to the mistaken assumption of the vaguely similar things being essentially identical, which leads to the statement of chalk having the qualities of cheese.

My analogy regarding Bostrom's fallacious AI logic is he is stating: "Chalk is tasty because it is essentially the same as cheese."
A computer smarter than humans destroys civilization – it sounds like science fiction but thinking machines clearly pose a threat to our survival, argues the director of Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute
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Soon #artificialintelligence will understand language. Already good progress has been made.

Wired (24 June 2015): "At Facebook, artificial intelligence researchers recently demonstrated a system that can read a summary of The Lord of The Rings, then answer questions about the books. Using a neural networking algorithm called Word2Vec, Google is teaching its machines to better understand the relationship between words posted across the Internet—a way of boosting Google Now, a digital assistant that seeks to instantly serve up the information you need at any given moment. Yann LeCun, who oversees Facebook’s AI work, calls natural language processing “the next frontier.”"

#naturallanguageprocessing #machinelearning #deeplearning #neuralnetwork #Yann LeCun #GoogleNow  
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Singularity 2045

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#robots #robotics #cockroach

The Verge wrote (22 June 2015): "This might come as a surprise, but a tiny robot that can navigate rough terrain and tiny gaps without the use of sensors is pretty innovative. Most robots deal with obstacles by avoiding them. They use maps, path planning and feedback control to go around objects that stand in their way. And that approach has worked out really well, for the most part. But when you're working with a tiny robot — one that's about 7 inches long — working with large, heavy, expensive sensors is a huge hassle. So the fact that changing this robot's outer shell had such a big impact could open up a ton of possibilities for the robotics industry. Rounded shells could be used to build small, inexpensive robots for search and rescue missions or precision agriculture, Li [Chen Li, mechanical engineer, University of California-Berkeley] ventures."
Things that scurry are hard to predict. They're nervous and quick — and no one likes a small, nervous, quick thing. But one robot seems to be going against the grain. It's a cockroach-inspired...
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Singularity 2045

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Clinical trials for artificial blood will be undertaken for the first time in the world via the UK NHS.

New Scientist wrote (25 June 2015): "Blood substitutes aim to replicate one particular job of real blood: supplying oxygen to tissues. In other words, the goal is to find an alternative to oxygen-carrying red blood cells that could be used for transfusions. Today, the UK National Health Service announced it plans to start transfusing people with artificial blood by 2017 – the first clinical trials of this kind anywhere in the world."

Medical #immortality and the #Singularity are interlinked, but very often we encounter paranoid refrains regarding these breakthroughs supposedly only being available for rich people.

Similar to movies wrongly depicting AI in a dangerous light, many movies depict futuristic longevity dsytopias where rich people eat poor people, or harvest their organs so rich people can live long lives while poor people suffer.

Yes inequality exists, which is why extreme exaggerations of #inequality via movies can appeal to people.

People need to remember, however, the movies present the issues in a disastrously wrong manner, contrary to reality. Yes fear sells, but please remember the fears are unreal.

The reality is free national healthcare systems will fund regenerative medicine, or other medical breakthroughs, because it is cheaper to cure people instead of letting them suffer slow costly deaths.

At the end of June 2015 various reports surfaced regarding how the UK NHS (National Health Service) is planning to start a trial of artificial blood, which is an example of sophisticated medical technology being, or soon being if the trials are a success, available to everybody in the UK, for free.

The Independent wrote (25 June 2015): "A long-awaited clinical trial of artificial red blood cells will occur before 2017, NHS scientists said. The blood is made from stem cells extracted from either the umbilical cord blood of newborn babies or the blood of adult donors."

The Mirror wrote (25 June 2015): "The NHS is to test artificial blood made from human stem cells in patients in a groundbreaking trial. In a world first, doctors will give blood made entirely in a laboratory to 20 Brits."

#artificialblood #blood #medicine #healthcare #NHS #UK #StemCells  
As it struggles to recruit more blood donors, the UK's National Health Service has announced it will start testing transfusions with lab-grown blood by 2017
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Singularity 2045

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Here is an interesting insight into how #artificialintelligence at Google is learning, or has learned, to see.

It seems an imagination in AI is starting to develop, or it shows how imagination could be developed.

The Daily Telegraph (18 June 2015) wrote: "In an experiment, engineers at Google's research labs ran various pictures through its neural network, asking the software to identify patterns in the images and then alter that image to exaggerate the patterns."

The Telegraph added: "In other words, it sees a pattern it thinks it recognises, such as a face or a door, and makes the picture look a little bit more like that thing. The neural network then repeats the process with the altered image."

#deepmind #neuralnetworks #images #perception #seeing #sight #vision #imagination #computers

PS. I don't know why The Telegraph thinks this is "creepy." The Surrealists (Dali etc) were praised for such wonderful imagination.
Engineers run photos through neural network that interprets them as disturbing collections of animal faces
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Singularity 2045

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PopSci reported (17 June 2015) on how you can now 3D-print objects made from wood fibre: "From prosthetic hands to an entire bridge, you can pretty much 3D print anything you can imagine. But the materials to make them are diversifying a bit more slowly. Now researchers from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden have found a way to 3D print objects from cellulose, a naturally occurring string of molecules derived from wood."

Forbes wrote (15 June 2015) how #3Dprinting is about to change the world forever: "I believe, along with a growing number of leaders around the world, that 3D printing will change the way things are produced more in this century than the industrial revolution did over the last 300 years."

The above mentioned Forbes article added: "For those of you who believe that 3D printing is just a fringe technology overhyped by an enthusiastic maker community, or that its impact is limited to headline grabbing futuristic experiments like 3D printed organs, think again. Industrial 3D printing, also referred to as additive manufacturing, is poised to significantly and permanently disrupt global production. No longer just a tool for rapid prototyping, 3D printing is now being used for end-use part production and adoption is growing exponentially."

See also:
Cellulose offers sustainable alternative to metal and plastic
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Singularity 2045

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Synthetic membranes grow similar to living cells.

EurekAlert (22 June 2015): “Chemists and biologists at UC San Diego have succeeded in designing and synthesizing an artificial cell membrane capable of sustaining continual growth, just like a living cell.”

PNAS (9 April 2015): “Cell membranes are dynamic structures found in all living organisms. There have been numerous constructs that model phospholipid membranes. However, unlike natural membranes, these biomimetic systems cannot sustain growth owing to an inability to replenish phospholipid-synthesizing catalysts. Here we report on the design and synthesis of artificial membranes embedded with synthetic, self-reproducing catalysts capable of perpetuating phospholipid bilayer formation. Replacing the complex biochemical pathways used in nature with an autocatalyst that also drives lipid synthesis leads to the continual formation of triazole phospholipids and membrane-bound oligotriazole catalysts from simpler starting materials. In addition to continual phospholipid synthesis and vesicle growth, the synthetic membranes are capable of remodeling their physical composition in response to changes in the environment by preferentially incorporating specific precursors. These results demonstrate that complex membranes capable of indefinite self-synthesis can emerge when supplied with simpler chemical building blocks.”

The San Diego Union-Tribune (22 June 2015): "The artificial membranes will help researchers more accurately reproduce membrane structures found in living cells, said research leader Neal Devaraj, an assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry at UCSD.”
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Singularity 2045

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Control a #robot with your mind (brainwaves) alone.

On 24 June 2015, psfk wrote: "ThynkBot is a mini robot that will follow the commands of your brain waves. It uses your phone as a receiver, and a light headband EEG reader, to connect to the toy robot via Bluetooth. ThynkWare, the company behind the project, built the device to be usable by anybody, going so far as to feature a 5-year-old in their Kickstarter fundraising video."

#braincomputerinterface #BCI  
ThynkBot is a mini robot that will follow the commands of your brain waves.
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Singularity 2045

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Newsweek (24 June 2015) have written a relatively complete summary of #Singularity issues.

The religious Omega Point (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin) and the traditionalist mind-uploading Singularity are discussed, along with Hawking's doom apocalypse where #artificialintelligence enslaves or destroys humans. Consciousness is also discussed, but the LSD and out-of-body experiences are rather far out beyond reason.

At S45, if you didn't know, our interpretation of the Singularity is a modernist one. The traditionalist mind-uploading idea for immortality is rejected.

Mind-uploading (duplicating a mind digitally) will be possible, but the S45 view is it will not be a common route for immortality.

The S45 reasoning for rejecting mind-uploading is regarding the fact of biological organisms being machines, humans are machines, which is evident via modern biological engineering.

The problem with mind-uploading is the concept arose during a period when there was less awareness of "biological" potential.

This means mind-uploading is based upon a false divide between biology and machines, a divide we are seeing crumble via modern synbio, biotech, or computers made using biological parts (note also DNA origami robots).

Here are a few relevant quotes from the Newsweek article:

On the issue of making mortality obsolete: "Some proponents believe the post-Singularity future will be all the better for it. Admittedly they're a broad church, including everyone from fans of cryogenics to transhumanists and mind-uploaders (those who believe that the entire content of a human brain, every dusting of brainfluff and binload of thought-spam) could someday be uploaded on to a separate hard drive, thus rendering a real mortal body obsolete."

On the issue of the Omega Point compared to the Singularity: "And then there's the Singularitarians, who believe that there will come a point in the not-at-all distant future when artificial intelligence finally outstrips human intelligence and computers become independently capable of designing their own successors. Different thinkers suggest different dates for this. Author and scientist Vernor Vinge suggested it's just around the corner in 2030, Singularity fans have come up with a median estimate around 2040, and the manufacturers of drone toothbrushes (which spy on your brushstrokes and sneak the data to your dentist) evidently think it was exceeded some time ago."

On the issue of consciousness: "No-one is yet at the stage when they are ready to call a press conference and announce to the world they have finally apprehended the suspect, but they have at least begun to converge on these two leads: the Omega Point and the Singularity."

S45 has a strong objection to linking God with intelligence. God is a delusion, an idiocy, with no relevance whatsoever to intelligence, which means when people link God to intelligence this is an indication of faulty reasoning, irrationality. The linkage of God to intelligence is a fallacy, which may be evident in others parts of their viewpoint.

The previous paragraph, criticizing usage of "God," was a prelude to this quote: "The convergence between what the scientists are now saying and what the mystics have been banging on about for four millennia or so is complemented by an increasing parity within the world of artificial intelligence. The concept of the Deus Ex Machina, the God from the Machine, has existed since the Greeks invented tragedy, but the notion of an ultimate technological Singularity was first given expression in the 1850 by the writer Samuel Butler in his novel Erewhon, and then both a name and scientific plausibility in the 1950s by the mathematician John von Neumann."

There is a somewhat religious tone to the Newsweek article, but on balance, relatively, it is a good portrayal of the issues.

The religious tone is evident when the article ends with a nod to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: "He envisaged his point of complexity and convergence as a moment of revelation, a final unified rising towards God. But even if he's right, we all still have free will. And if there's going to be a tipping-point towards a new universe, then we should make sure it tips the right way."
Stephen Hawking last year warned that AI could lead to the end of the human race
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Singularity 2045

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Here #NickBostrom is quoted in a report, dated Jan 2015, which I mention for completeness. The problematic issue is his logical fallacy of #artificialintelligence doom.

Typically Bostrom mentions sparrows, owls, and apes to supposedly prove how AI could kill us all. On this occasion he mentions the extinction of human ancestors.

The fallacy is simple to explain but sadly people often fail to appreciate the logic when confronted with the explanation.

Owls eating sparrows; humans dominating apes; or humans causing the extinction of our ancestors are all false comparisons regarding humans and AI. It is similar to mistaking chalk for cheese because chalk can look visually similar to some cheeses.

The problem is sparrows did not intelligently engineer higher owl intelligence. Apes did not intelligently design our genome via advanced genetic engineering. Our ancestors did not understand our minds in the slightest because they did not create our minds.

IF apes had employed studious deliberation, via highly advanced technological civilization, to intelligently engineer the human race, I am utterly certain our relationship with apes would be wholly different.

Humans creating AI is utterly unlike previous examples of evolution. Never before has life on Earth intelligently engineered higher intelligence, which means the comparisons to past circumstances are utterly unrelated in the manner of chalk and cheese. You need to ignore key facts to make chalk on toast seem tasty.

If humans were intelligently engineered by a lower species we would certainly have the utmost respect for such compelling engineering of our intelligence.

Furthermore our culture, the civilization we would live in, if humans had been intelligently created, if humans were AIs, would be very different thus the domination of lower lifeforms would also not occur simply due to advanced technology.

The ability to create human-level AI, or superhuman intelligence, inevitably entails the effortless colonization of Space, the ability to 3D-print perfect meat without any suffering to animals, it entails access to limitless resources in Space thereby making all resource-based conflict utterly redundant.

Nick Bostrom is nothing more than a magician. He creates a fear-based illusion via concealing the facts. He presents chalk then tells you it is tasty cheese. If you bite into his supposed logic you will discover a very unpleasant chalky taste. The con will be revealed if you studiously apply your reason to his supposed logic. You have been sold chalk instead of cheese.

Whenever God is linked to intelligence this should set alarms bells ringing regarding irrationality. God, godlike, or gods have no relevance whatsoever to intelligence. God is wholly a delusion, thus the concept of God is moronic, it is deeply idiotic, certainly not intelligent.

When people link God to intelligence they are giving you a clear insight into their flawed reasoning, their irrationality.

Channel 4 News wrote (20 Jan 2015): "A fictional story goes that scientists turn on an artificially intelligent machine and the first question they ask is: "Is there a god". The machine responds "There is now"."

Channel 4 News quoted Bostrom regarding human dominance of other lifeforms: "It is because our ancestors were slightly more intelligent than other apes. If we give a machine greater intelligence, then it will potentially be in a very powerful position to shape our future according to its preferences."

Incidentally if I was a super-smart AI in 2045 I would definitely wear an ironic T-shirt emblazoned with this very humorous headline: "Will super-intelligent machines kill us all?" Perhaps with a funny comedic cartoon too, to illustrate the insanity.

Remember you heard it here first. Many years from now I will be saying "I told you so."
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+GA Mackey Neanderthals had a lot of things happen to them, depending on who met them where and when. Some peoples even absorbed them into their societies.
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Singularity 2045

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We are at the dawn of being able to control computers, TVs, or any modern appliance merely via thoughts. No remote control, no mice, no typing on keys.

Already the BBC is testing this #braincomputerinterface #BCI technology, PC Mag reported (18 June 2015).

PC Mag wrote: “The electroencephalography (EEG) brainwave-reading headset appears to require fewer moving parts than other wearables, but much more attentiveness. With one small sensor resting on the user's forehead and another clipped to the ear, the device can measure electrical activity in the brain.”

PC Mag added: “BBC iPlayer already allows voice control on the Xbox One. But the "Mind Control TV" device takes things to a whole new level. When tested among 10 BBC staffers, the internal prototype proved successful.”,2817,2486335,00.asp

Though slower than a handheld remote, this technology could help severely disabled viewers navigate the TV.
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Singularity 2045

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The Guardian wrote about #artificialintelligence of the narrow/weak kind, which is says is nothing to fear.

The Guardian (15 June 2015): "Weizenbaum feared that AI couldn’t be trusted with decisions because it wouldn’t have empathy or compassion. But that’s fine. It’s the everyday grind that AI can smooth. I, for one, welcome our new robot underlings."
Machine learning and machine intelligence is already incorporated in apps such as Google Photos, Google Now and Apple Maps, and it can make your life easier
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Singularity 2045's Collections
Explosive sci-tech news, debate, aware.
The Singularity is a colossal explosion of intelligence.

A big focus is human-level Artificial Intelligence evolving beyond traditional intelligence then exploding; although it is becoming increasing apparent narrow-AI (non-sentient intelligence), sufficiently evolved, should be sufficient for the explosion.

Human level AI is sentient, self-aware, alive with the power of a human mind.

If human-level AI is created in 2030, or earlier, the explosion probably won't happen immediately at the dawn of human-level AI.

After the first truly smart AI is born, depending on when it's created, we could be waiting up to ten years, or more, before the explosion happens. If human level AI is created late, in 2044, then the creation of human-level AI will be very close to the explosion point.

We're certain intelligence will explode no later than 2045 regardless of when, or if, human-level AI is created.
Our views are based on various evidential aspects of technological acceleration. All aspects of technology are converging. Everything is becoming smart.

Nanotech, biotech, synthetic biology, stem sells, 3D-printing, quantum computing, the Internet of things, and robotics are very important in addition to AI. Technology is accelerating.


Narrow-AI (also called weak-AI) should be sufficient for the intelligence explosion. We simply need to consider the evidence of technological acceleration. Human-level AI probably isn't essential for explosive intelligence.

2014 saw at least two examples of narrow-AI tentatively extending our lives. Narrow-AI was also employed by doctors in 2014 to treat patients. 2014 also marked the year a chatbot allegedly passed the Turing Test. A substantial amount of time exists for narrow-AI to improve between 2014 and 2045.

We will go very far merely via the refinement of narrow-AI. During the approach to 2045 AI will evolve intellectual powers with increasing speed because AI isn't limited by the slowness of traditional evolution. AI will radically improve our world. AI is not a threat to humans. AI will help humans become immortal-super-beings.

Explosive intelligence solely via narrow-AI is reasonably certain. Human-level AI makes the intelligence explosion absolutely certain.


Greater understanding of biology (synbio, biotech, genetic engineering) reveals how biological organisms are machines. In 2014 we made good progress regarding marvellous engineering feats using biological parts. Traditional "machines" (the metallic kind) will achieve a level of sophistication indistinguishable from biological machines.
Robots will become humans. Traditional humans will reprogram the human machine. We will rewrite our DNA code via biological engineering, gene therapy, stem cells, synthetic biology, and other aspects of augmentation.

The distinction between biology and machines will blur, due to the increasing sophistication of machines combined with a better understanding of biology, thus all machines will be biological, organic.

Machines of the future won't be clunking metallic contraptions. All intelligent creations of the future will be very organic regardless of their life being based on DNA, graphene, or qubits.

So called "machines" will be self-healing and alive in the future.


Our viewpoint is the Singularity will create utopia. We will be immortal but the Singularity is not about mind-uploading. Mind-uploading isn't about intelligence. Mind-uploading is a silly 1980s type of fashion-statement for people who are obsessed with Tron. Mind-uploading is based on a false divide between machines and biology. Biological computing highlights the falsehood of the division between machines and biology.

Yes mind-uploading will be useful for bee robots or other similar robots, or perhaps for an AI template, but advances in molecular biology will allow humans to discover we are already machines. We are already uploaded via DNA. The open worm project also indicates possible usefulness regarding simulated organisms for drug testing. The human-uploading meme, however, is merely alienation or escapism. Full immersion virtual reality will become popular but VR is not mind-uploading. For more mind-uploading views, note the Singularity 2045 critique of the 2014 film Transcendence.

Regenerative medicine will be perfected. Biology will be perfected. Biology will become smart. We will re-engineer our brains. We will colonise Space. Everything will be free in a financial and libertarian sense, beyond scarcity, therefore nobody will need to work. There will be no limits to intelligence. Everything will change in a unified manner. Convergent intelligence will result in a utopian BANG!


Unfathomableness or unpredictability is a flawed understanding of the Singularity. The Singularity isn't hidden behind an event horizon. Accessibility not unfathomableness is a vital characteristic of intelligence. Intelligence makes comprehension easy for everyone. We think there are four markers, clear predictions, to determine if the Singularity is happening.

It's irrelevant whether explosive intelligence is based on human intelligence, narrow-AI, or strong-AI. The ramifications of explosive intelligence are the important issue. When all four of the following points are fulfilled can we say we've reached the Singularity:
  1. Immortality for everyone via regenerative medicine.
  2. Everything is free for everyone.
  3. All governments and crimes have been abolished.
  4. All resources are limitless due to limitless intelligence.

YEAR 2045.

Year 2045 is our absolute latest deadline for the Singularity. Futuristic breakthroughs have historically been predicted prematurely, over-optimistically, therefore it is best to have a date of total certitude for technological utopia. We are helping to accelerate technological progress therefore the Singularity could happen before 2045, but we resist the temptation to give an earlier deadline. Our 2045 deadline, which is possibly very conservative, avoids any anticlimax. Hopefully via our awareness we can make the Singularity happen sooner instead of later, but the 2045 deadline remains unchanged.


Singularity 2045
helps you discover the latest science and tech news. Importantly please be aware not every shared news report or opinion piece will support the Singularity view. Not every news item will reflect the viewpoint of S45. Some shared news will actually reject the Singularity viewpoint, but all viewpoints are relevant for raising awarenesses of the future. If a critique or analysis has not been appended to shared news, please feel free to help by adding your own views in the comments.

If you have cutting-edge news to share with Singularity 2045 please join the Singularity Thinkers community, mention +Singularity 2045 in a post or comment, send an email to, or post tips in the comments here. We also have an action-plan to raise awareness.


On the 1st day of each month at 20:45 hours (your local time) the goal is to raise Singularity-awareness. Think about the future; upload 20:45 clocks; share a link, or send Singularity messages to friends or strangers. When the clock reaches 20:45 hours (8:45pm), on the 1st day of every month, think about how your life will have changed radically in the year 2045. Take some time to educate people about our amazing AI future. Spread the word on the 1st day of every month, ideally at 20:45 hours.

Example message:

Nanobot revolution, AI aware, technological utopia: Singularity 2045.


Many people are raising awareness all the time, every day of the week, at all hours, and that is fine. The 1st day of the month at 20:45 is a time when you can give extra special focus to Singularity issues.

The year 2045 is our deadline-target but you don't need to raise awareness at 8:45pm exactly. Any time between 20:25 and 20:45 hours on the first day of the month is OK. Due to our busy lives any time on the 1st day of the month is actually OK regarding our monthly awareness thrust.

20:45 hours is merely a guideline. The important thing is to raise awareness. The Singularity could happen earlier than year 2045.


20:45 hours relates to wherever you are in the world. Your personal time will be the time-zone you use, although if you are raising awareness for someone in a different zone you can send act in relation to their time zone. The choice is yours. Time is relative for each person. All zones are valid because this is a global movement. The Singularity will be a period of enormous change and flexibility, therefore it's appropriate for this awareness campaign to have flexible and inclusive attitudes regarding all time zones.


You don't need to generate awareness on the 1st of every month. Generate Singularity awareness if you feel inspired or if you remember. Relax and go with the flow. Take it easy. Send instant messages, mobile/cell phone messages, emails, comments, word of mouth, or share a link. Whatever you desire will be OK. If you are feeling brave, you can approach a stranger in the street and explain the Singularity to them. Click here to share this page.


Photograph your clock (time display) set to the time of 20:45 and then upload it. Once you've uploaded your 20:45 image, make sure you tag Singularity 2045 in the photo.


Think about your current smart device. Now think about a phone from 2010. Smart-phones in the year 2010 were more powerful than average laptops from year 2000, and your current phone or other device is even smarter. Laptops and phones evolve much quicker than humans evolve in ten years. Technology reproduces rapidly.

Technological growth in 2010 was slow compared to the rate in 2020 or 2030. Progress is quicker each year. Technology is growing exponentially. Computer intelligence (the foundation of artificial intelligence) experiences intellectual augmentation yearly. When human level AI is born, perhaps sometime between 2025 and 2035, the pace of technological and scientific development will then become very rapid, reaching a critical mass of explosiveness by 2045 at the latest.

Our world will be very different in the year 2045. In the year 2010 people were becoming aware of speedy technological progress: new developments regarding the internet occur every six months. In the year 2010 the majority of people didn't realise how in 2020 the Internet would be deeply integrating itself into everyday life. In 2013 computers were clearly diverging from their early origins, furthermore 3D-printing was rapidly evolving thus medical biopolymers or sugary foods were printed and NASA was funding food 3D-printing for astronauts; Cornell University also make progress with food-printing. In 2013 artificial intelligence was becoming an accepted fact and steps were made towards incorporating printed electronics into 3D-printers.

Awareness of "exponential growth" is crucial for grasping this issue. Our rate of progress is not linear, we are progressing exponentially. Many people in year 2010 didn't know they would see around 20,000 years of progress (at the 2001 rate) during this century instead of the usual 100 years. The majority of progress will happen upon reaching the Singularity in 2045.

Imagine 20,000 years, at the 2001 rate, on top of what science and technology at the beginning of the 21st century has already achieved. Doubling a century would great. It is difficult to contemplate the awesomeness of 20,000 years condensed into one century. This is the Singularity.

Key Aspects

All disease will be cured. We will live forever, without mind-uploading. We will reconfigure our DNA into any pattern we desire according to our wildest dreams. We will colonize space. The possibilities are limitless. Anything will be possible. Time for utopia. Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around. Our goal is RAPID GLOBAL AWARENESS regarding how the Singularity will transform the human race.

Year 2045 is our deadline for the Singularity. Heightened awareness ensures the Singularity happens sooner instead of later. Our goal is to make the Singularity happen by 2045 at the latest. The year 2045 is a safe date, the absolute latest date when the Singularity will happen. We hope 2045 will represent a midpoint in the explosion where the explosion has been ongoing for a number of years, or at least 2045 will represent the latest beginning point when the Singularity will occur. Growing awareness feeds back into the system thereby inspiring greater progress and greater investment in sci-tech, thus awareness grows then explodes. We can change the world.


Post-Scarcity is an alternate name for the Singularity; these two concepts are simply different viewpoints of the same event. Post-Scarcity is a more socio-economic view, a more sociological view, because it deals more with sociological ramifications instead of merely focusing on the technology.

Our greatest resource is intelligence, it is the source of all resources but currently intelligence is scarce. From explosive intelligence total freedom (limitless resources) will flow. Technology becomes increasingly efficient, which means we have greater power, resources do more for less, prices reduce.

The Singularity is the point where intelligence ceases to be scarce, it's a technological explosion of intelligence to end all aspects of scarcity.

Post-Scarcity is the point where technology explodes intelligently thereby allowing all needs to be fulfilled. All resources will be limitless due to greater access to resources combined with ultra-efficient usage of available resources, thus everything will be free because the only purpose of money is to regulate scarce resources. Follow Post-Scarcity Aware for more info regarding the PS viewpoint.

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