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Hard Work never Fails
Hard Work never Fails

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If it was easy, everybody would be doing it. #MondayMotivation

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Great place to check for Adwords features updates   #adwords  

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Learn how to use display ads to generate awareness and increase your campaign’s reach. Click the video to watch our Hangout On Air on "Introduction to Display Advertising"  #HangoutsOnAir  

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Amazing time spent with AdWords Tc's and Fellow Rising Stars in Google India Adwords Community Summit. #GoogleGurgaon
Google India Adwords Community Summit
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Join Hangout on Air focusing on getting back to basics with your Search Campaign On January 22nd.   #adwords  

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AdWords Editor 11.0 update to fix CTR reporting

We’ve introduced an update to AdWords Editor 11 to fix some minor issues, including how clickthrough rate (CTR) is displayed. To get the new experience, please download and install the latest version of AdWords Editor 11 [].

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Advertisers can significantly grow their customers by optimizing for total profits instead of focusing on a target CPA or ROI.  This Google Best Practices guide outlines how you can set up manual bid tests that will help you maximize profits from AdWords.

It’ll show you how to:
+Discover profitable opportunities by running manual bid tests
+Discover these opportunities faster by testing on a broader scale, and 
+Save time by scaling your bidding strategy so it’s easier to manage. 

Rethink how you manage bids in AdWords by downloading this guide today:

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Login to multiple Google accounts at the same time

We know advertisers and agencies are managing multiple accounts, and multi-tasking across many browsers. Today, we’re introducing a new, simplified workflow that allows you to toggle between multiple Google accounts without having to log out and back in again. With this update, you can now:

+Manage multiple AdWords accounts simultaneously in the same browser
+Stay logged into multiple AdWords accounts or other Google accounts at the same time
+Save time switching between accounts with different logins 

For example, you may use the login for one of your AdWords accounts, and use the login for another AdWords account. Now, you can have both accounts open at the same time in your browser, and easily switch back and forth between them.

To start using multiple account sign in for your AdWords accounts, simply click on your Customer ID or login email within AdWords to open the account selector. You can then choose to add more accounts using the [Add Account] button. We hope this update saves you time, and makes your account management workflow more seamless. 

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Monitor the performance of your automated extensions

Some ad extensions, like consumer ratings [] and seller ratings [], don’t require setup and will automatically appear with your ads if your ad meets certain criteria.

Over the coming weeks, we’re rolling out a new report in AdWords that shows you how your ads perform when they appear with automated extensions []. To view the report, select “Automated extensions” from the View drop-down in the Ad extensions tab []. Keep in mind Google already optimizes your ads to show the most relevant ad extensions [], generally showing your highest performing and most useful combination of extensions and formats among those eligible. So there's no need to compare and manually optimize for performance across your automated extensions.

To simplify our naming conventions, we're also retiring the name “annotations” as a way to refer to automated extensions. You'll see these changes reflected across the AdWords Help Center [] and in our future communications.
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