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I have been horribly hacked on FB. Please do not open any messages from me. Trying to get it all worked out. What a mess!

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Its February and time to feel love all around you! I'm ready to make beautiful custom made railroad spikes for you to enhance your love life and bring in new love! Contact me at to order your's today. Here's a few examples!
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+Carolina Dean  you are a treat and a treasure! What fun to be able to share some precious moments today.  I'm still laughing at our hee haw and laugh in ideas... Hmmm.

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Absolutely an amazing location and breathtaking surroundings. So much spirit so much to experience! 
+Sindy Todo ( and I visited Whidbey Island today to scope out our magnificent venue, the Capt. Whidbey Inn, for the Northwest Crossroads Retreat. It's an incredible venue that associates the magical history of the north west with its honest, natural beauty.

What revelations for healing are we all looking for in 2015? ... better health mojo, better money mojo, better spiritual mojo, better physical mojo, better emotional mojo, better mental mojo? ... un poco de todo?   

New spells and new sensations are just over 19 weeks from today. We're excited to see what the practitioners, presenters, rootworkers, readers, and holistic movement maestros conjure up for attendees! 

#Todomojo   #NorthWestCrossroadsRetreat   #NWXRR  

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