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Hi everybody!
I have edited some of my Photo Spheres and uploaded them on Google Maps again in order to replace the old ones. But I just found out that they did not got approved to be published on Google Map, because of "Superimposed Content"!
Now that I have deleted the old ones, I want to re-submit new ones to publish on Google Maps. How can I do that? does Google check that problem again automatically and approve the new ones?

Thank you so much.

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Happy 55th Birthday NASA!
The space agency was founded today in 1958!
Let's Look to the Future!
In honor of NASA's 55th Anniversary +Mashable put together this great infographic that shows NASA's planned expeditions through 2030!
View full version at Source URL:
Illustration by Bob Al-Greene

+NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
+Johnson Space Center 
+NASA Goddard
+NASA Orion
+NASA Ames Research Center
+NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center 
+NASA Dryden Flight Research Center
+NASA's Kennedy Space Center
+NASA Langley

#NASA #Birthday #Future #Missions #Infographic  

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شماره جدید نشریه افق، بهار ۹۲

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It's me!

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Scumbag AB+ Blood Type

Which blood types are you?

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Congrats KING LEO! :)
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