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Sina Muscarina

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Nesta voz tão dolorida
É culpa de todos vós
Poetas da minha vida
É loucura ouço dizer
Mas bendita esta loucura
de cantar e de sofrer

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Por que teimas nesta dor
Por que não lhe queres dar fim

Tu sabes que o nosso amor
Não morre dentro de mim

Meu amor na tua boca
Há um silêncio que é nosso

Um travo de coisa pouca
E amar-te mais eu não posso

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“Everything I sought in life I abandoned for the sake of the search. I'm like one who absentmindedly looks for he doesn't know what, having forgotten it in his dreaming as the search got under way” - F. Pessoa

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""One day I'll leave without ever really knowing you. You'll remember my big, dark eyes. The reproachful silences. The moans of anxiety as I slept. The nightmares you couldn't save me from. You'll remember all this when I'm gone.”
― Arturo Pérez-Reverte

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" Victim-blaming. “We deny responsibility for our actions when we attribute their cause to factors outside ourselves.”; “We can replace language that implies lack of choice with language that acknowledges choice,” are just a few examples of the foundational idea in the book that we, and only we are the ones in control and are responsible for doing all the labor. While I may agree with those statements for small interpersonal issues of communication, they read to me as an attempt to deny that the environment we live in and all sorts of external factors also determine our actions. Surely we are the ones externalizing our actions, however, factors outsides ourselves can sometimes be much bigger and powerful than us, thus not leaving us with much of a choice. It’s dangerous and violent to ask victims to investigate why things happened the way they did by looking at their actions rather than focusing on and trying to change systemic issues by highlighting perpetrators"

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“We’re very boring and normal,” said Weisner. “We’re not swinging from chandeliers.”

More Canadians than ever before are pursuing non-monogamy, according to a new book, Polyamorous: Living and Loving More, by Toronto journalist Jenny Yuen. Interviewing scores of poly Canadians, including more than a dozen parents, Yuen examines how those stepping away from the monogamous nuclear family hope to dispel misconceptions and be normalized in their communities"

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"Ich finde diese Mischung aus Kulturreportage und Essay von Ullrich Fichtner für diese Art der Aufklärung nicht überzeugend. Weil das schön Geschriebene, das spannend Geschriebene auch Teil dessen ist, was Ihnen jetzt im Fall Relotius vorgeworfen wird."

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