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I simply do not understand Google+. Who is using it? Why? How is this better than Facebook? Why does the GUI keep changing? Why is it a combination of useless blog, chat, and video conferencing? How does it integrate with Google Docs and Drive? How is it different? What is a "Circle" and how do I see what's in it? How come information presentation is so limited? How come the web browser controls don't work properly? Why does everything jiggle around? 

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It's not surprising that Guymager wins out. It's multi-threaded and running on a multi-core system. The other systems are not multi-threaded at the present time. The "hardware" based systems aren't hardware at all --- they are software running on embedded systems. As such, they are typically running on under-powered systems compared to the typical desktop computer.

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I just discovered the same problem. It started on September 24th. I went through all of my spam (5000 messages) on gmail and discovered several hundred IMPORTANT emails that were classified as spam. I patiently taught Gmail that it's not spam, and yet it's still being misclassified. Is somebody going to fix this?

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Annoying Google problem. I'm in Japan and am LOGGED INTO GOOGLE, but every time I do a search all of the results come up from in Japanese. Even though I have a Google account, and even though my Google language preference is ENGLISH, Google keeps defaulting to Japanese. It's infuriating.

it is hard for people to realize just how many bugs Google has. We need more competition.

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If corporations are people too, how come we don't have a corporate death penality?

This weekend'ss system administration problem:

1 - Apple's RAID card doesn't recognize drives bigger than 2TB
2 - Newer Tech Voyager Docks don't work with SATA drives bigger than 2TB
3 - You CAN boot a Mac Pro with hardware RAID in target mode. (You can't do it with software RAID)
4 - Time Machine almost restores MacOS X Lion Server, but left postfix broken.
5 - SuperDuper works with MacOS X Lion Server
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