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The Bride...

My experience, although I selectively photograph weddings, is to keep the bride happy. It is her day, but, ultimately, it is their day and I see my job as helping them share their fairytale beyond the wedding day.

This wedding was an experience I'll never forget. Truly!

The catered food was late to the country club reception and the wedding cake never arrived. Not kidding! Thankfully, the dessert cupcakes became the wedding cake. And, a funny thing about the cupcakes, some contained alcohol, so they had to run interference to shield the young children attending the evening wedding. I really felt for this bride.

I took this photo after the bride found out there was no food and she dried her tears. How did I get her to relax and smile? I talked her down and asked probably the single most important question, "Do you want your wedding photos to look like your food is late?" She smiled after a moment to collect herself. I gave the couple some direction for the shot and here she is....the Bride.

Photography is more than capturing a moment at times and very instructive to me. I really took to heart the never let them see you sweat that night. Whew!

Have a great day! By the way, if the wedding involves travel -- I'm easily persuaded!!!


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Really wonderfully captured moment, tell and show so much! Beautiful!
Wonderful moment! Thanks for sharing with #PortraitTuesday!
+Carolina Arboleda thank you and photographer is correct! Thank you for writing in English. Yes, it was the first and only wedding I've ever seen without a cake. The baker confused the date. The cupcakes, thankfully, were a success:) Best to you in Colombia!
The bride looks truly happy!! I am sure they will both love this image.
This is a really good wedding photo. One can almost feel their happiness +Simply Arlie Great work, once again :-)
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