Ogden's Basic English is made up of 850 basic words, 50 international words and 100 specialized words depending on the topic of interest. Here are the 100 we use for science:

absorption, active, age, alternative, application, arc, area, arrange, axis, break, bubble, capacity, case, cell, column, component, compound, compute, continuous, cross, decrease, deficiency, deposit, determining, difference, difficulty, direct, disappearance, disturbance, electronics, elimination, energy, environment, equation, evaporation, exact, experiment, explanation, focus, friction, fusion, generation, groove, guard, hypertext, image, impurity, individual, Internet, interpretation, investigator, joint, latitude, layer, length, link, longitude, mean, melt, mixture, nucleus, origin, path, pollution, pressure, projection, proof, reference, relative, reproduction, resistance, research, rigidity, rock, rotation, screen, seal, section, sensitivity, shadow, shear, shell, similarity, solution, spark, specimen, stimulus, strain, strength, stress, substitution, successive, supply, surface, technology, thickness, thrust, tool, transmission, transparent.
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