Ogden's Basic English is made up of 850 basic words, 50 international words and 100 specialized words depending on the topic of interest. Here are the 100 we use for legal matters:

accuse, acquit, adjourn, adjudicate, advocate, affidavit, affirm, agent, allege, appeal, arbitrate, award, bailiff, blackmail, breach, caveat, civil, commercial, conciliation, contract, conveyancing, convict, covenant, counsel, court, criminal, custody, decree, deed, defamation, defendant, divorce, edict, equity, enforcement, estate, evidence, felony, forgery, fraud, indictment, injunction, judgment, justice, judicial, jurisdiction, jury, legal, legislation, liability, libel, liberty, litigation, manslaughter, misdemeanor, mitigate, negligence, probate, probation, prison, magistrate, martial, mediating, negligence, parliament, perjury, petition, precedent, prosecution, plaintiff, probate, proceedings, prosecute, police, plea, referendum, register, remand, remedy, respondent, robbery, sue, sanction, sentence, serve, service, slander, solicitor, statute, summons, theft, tort, treason, trial, tribunal, violate, warrant, ward, writ, witness.
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