Ogden's Basic English is made up of 850 basic words, 50 international words and 100 specialized words depending on the topic of interest. Here are the 100 we use for business & commerce matters:

acceptance, accident, address, agency, allowance, arbitration, asset, assistant, average, bankrupt, barrel, bill, broker, budget, capital, certificate, charge, circulation, claim, client, code, combine, competition, complaint, consignment, consumer, conversion, correlation, cost, court, customs, debit, debt, deck, defect, deflation, delivery, demand, deposit, discount, distribution, economy, efficiency, effort, elasticity, emerging, employer, experiment, export, factor, fatigue, firm, finance, forecast, gross, guarantee, habit, hire, hold, import, income, index, inflation, investment, lag, liability, license, load, loan, margin, market, monetary, monopoly, packing, pair, partner, pension, plan, policy, population, production, purchase, reference, rent, retail, sale, sample, saving, security, service, share, show, sight, speculation, statistics, stimulus, strike, supply, wages, wholesale.
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