Since the time of First Emperor of Qin 2,200 years ago, the road system in China was regulated and horse-drawn carriages were standardised to allow postmen, military troops, merchant caravans and everyone in the kingdom to travel at a relative ease.

Along the government-built roads (官道), pavilions for travellers to take a rest when feeling tired, to take shelter from the storm, were structured in every few kilometers.    

Nirvana In Fire (75)

The old scholar bided his farewell to Mei Changsu. But before leaving, he paused and signed again, "You remind me of Lin Shu, your teacher's most bright student."

Lin Shu was the son of Marshall Lin Xie and the head of Red Feather Battalion under Red Flame Army. 

"He's about same age as you. If he is still alive, you two would be like a pair of con-columns before the capital ... Pity I'll never have a chance to see him again!" (

Mei Changsu's face turned pale.   
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