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A traditional Chinese wooden gate with door knockers and lockers
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Finezza e buongusto ,e un pizzico di magia in tutte le vostre decorazioni. 
With locks on the outside? That doesn't make sense with knockers. Perhaps the "knockers" are just handles to pull the doors open.
+Plautus Satire Knockers for guests to inform about their visit (E.g.: "Hi Plautus, I'm here, please come to open the door"), locker for the owner to use when the house is to be vacant for a while.
Mlango wa mbao wa kijadi wa wachina ukiwa na komeo na kupachikwa urembo pamoja na chuma cha kubisha hodi.
Mili C
Magnificent workmanship! I think it's easier to break the wooden doors then the metal locks :)
The locks seem almost symbolic, I can't tell where the doors separate
+Plautus Satire Arh .... you've got me here. So you believe it must be the inside of the doors? Then why they need knockers? Warning the passersby outside the residents are going to come out?
+Mili C The traditional Chinese doors (particularly front gates) are usually made of a whole piece of wood not plywood like today:))
Zalo lepo in tudi dober iziv za restavriranje
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