An ancient Chinese teahouse

Chinese TV drama Nirvana in Fire (134)

Lady Qi pled Erjie to help her for the last time and promised after this assignment Red Sleeve Seduction would never bother her again.

Erjie eventually agreed, and asked "What do you want me to do then?" So Lady Qin took her to a teahouse opposite to the back door of Mei Changsu's residence.

"I want you to seduce a man," Lady Qin said to Erjie.

"Mei Changsu?"

"Nope. He's a man incorruptible by money, fame or women. I want you to seduce the guy who delivers veggies to his kitchen each day."

Erjie saw a labouring guy directing a horse-drawn cart loaded with boxes towards the back entrance to Mei Changsu's residence.

"But why?"

"For twice, we captured the abscond palace maidan agents, but twice, they were escaped again with the help of this man. I don't think they were coincidences."

Nirvana in Fire (133)
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