Hu Ge, a huge star in China, won the The Magnolia Award for best actor last night at the 2016 Shanghai International Film and TV festival for his portrayal of leading character Mei Changsu in hit Chinese TV drama Nirvana.

He is the first actor born in the 80s to win this honour.

Hu Ge is one of the highly-gifted performing artists in the world who are not only able to understand the soul of the characters they played but can alter their own physical appearance and mental status to convincingly become that character.

Apart from that, he seemingly has received some trainings in traditional Chinese opera since his facial expression and body swing are full of rhythm.

Nirvana in Fire has also collected the awards for the best directors.

However, in my opinion, it shall as well win the awards for best drama, best music, best camerawork and best costume.

Shanghai International Film and TV festival, began since 1986, was initially named China International Television Festival.

The first TV series won the Shanghai award for best drama is Australia's Custodian. The first man won the best actor is Ronald Walken from the USA for his role in Witness in the War Zone.

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