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Worldwide cloud hosting provider built around reliability and ease of use.
Worldwide cloud hosting provider built around reliability and ease of use.


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SIMPLEXHOST - Flexible European Cloud IaaS Hosting Provider.
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SIMPLEXHOST Launches Public and Private Cloud Services Built on Xen Cloud Platform

SIMPLEXHOST is one of the original Cloud-based VPS hosting pioneers, has launched a new slate of highly accessible and affordable web-hosting services!

SIMPLEXHOST is a leader in the managed cloud services market, today launched both public and private cloud offerings built on Xen Cloud Platform. This unique solution set enables organizations to create, host and manage business-critical applications in a compliant, secure and highly available cloud environment.

SIMPLEXHOST operates on a simple concept: We sell you access to a set of Cloud Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and cPanel-based Shared Hosting Services.
You can start your project using one or more of our 100 ready-to-use templates which are available from anywhere in Europe in just minutes!

Select Your Template – Establish Your Host Name – Set A Password  - Watch It All Build!

SIMPLEXHOST allows you to revamp or completely delete your site as you need to! It's flexible, easy to use and frankly fun! There's no easier way to run a website or web app in all of the European cloud system.

SIMPLEXHOST fully enables data and application migration to its cloud platforms through its proprietary processes, top-level customer support and enterprise-class technologies.

SIMPLEXHOST offers Xen Cloud VPS in Europe with up to 4 cores and 8GB of RAM. total capacity of disk space is 80GB. If there is a need for additional space, you can use elastic discs, which provides you with 16 GB of additional memory. Maximum performance and flexibility is guaranteed by using the latest cloud technologies, the latest brand hardware and a high-speed 1GE network

These packages offer customers everything they need to quickly start a web site or to develop an application.

Cloud VPS Hosting:
•    $20 per month starting price
•    Up to 8,196 MB of RAM
•    Up to 80GB SSD disk space
•    100+ ready to use appliances
•    Up to 2TB monthly bandwidth
•    1 Pv4 address

cPanel Shared Hosting
•    $5 per month starting price
•    Up to 1TB monthly traffic
•    Up to 50 domains
•    Up to 5,000 email accounts
•    Up to 500 MySQL databases
•    Up to 200,000MB disk space

Dedicated Hosting in North America and Europe
•    $60 per month starting price
•    Intel Xeon E3/E5 CPU based
•    Up to 128GB RAM
•    SATA/SSD hard drive
•    10TB monthly bandwidth

For a quick change to a cloud server, it is possible to include images of existing virtual machines. The program supports the most popular formats.


SIMPLEXHOST Sp. z.o.o. is a privately owned and operated company established in 2013 and it is located in Bialsko-Biala, Poland. SIMPLEXHOST has built a solid foundation offering hosting solutions for SMBs that are reliable, budget-friendly and easy to use. It was one of the first web hosting companies that made the commitment to “go cloud”. SIMPLEXHOST operations are powered by 100% ready-to-use software and hardware solutions.

Come with us to the Cloud!

Local phone: +48 (66) 2011-533
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Simplexhost -- New generation Web Hosting
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