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Upcoming Workshops

We have a wide range of free workshops coming up over the next month or so. Register today to learn how to go from 3D image data (MRI, CT...) to models suitable for 3D Printing, CAD and CAE applications.

Mar 7 - Cranfield, UK
Mar 8 - Cambridge, UK
Mar 9 - Peterborough, UK

Mar 15 - Lyngby/Copenhagen, Denmark
Mar 15 - Boston, USA
Mar 16 - Gothenburg, Sweden

For more details and registration links, please see

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Fachkongress Composite Simulation (FCS), February 23rd 2017, Germany

The topics of the 2017 Composite Simulation congress are material and microstructure modelling as well as component and process simulation. In addition, the congress is dedicated to the latest trends and visions in the automotive sector and beyond. The congress provides extensive information on all these issues and is an ideal platform for exchanging, meeting peers and networking.

Simpleware at FCS 2017

At the conference you can learn about our software’s strengths for 3D Materials Processing & Characterisation:

Converting 3D data (CT, micro-CT, FIB-SEM…) into models
Quantifying porosity, grain and fibre orientations and other statistics
Generating multiphase meshes for FEA and CFD
Adding mesh information for FEA (contacts, node sets, shells…)
Adding mesh information for CFD (inlets/outlets, boundary layers...)

Meet with Simpleware

Visit the Simpleware stand in the exhibition area.

We will be happy to meet with you and discuss your visualisation, analysis and mesh generation needs. If you wish to arrange a demo during the conference, please feel free to contact us

#composites #simpleware

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Free Webinar: Tips & Tricks for Simpleware ScanIP

Wednesday March 1st and Thursday March 2nd

Register here :

Attend this webinar focused on the ScanIP module of the Simpleware software suite. Learn how to improve the image processing and segmentation aspects of your Simpleware workflows.

Topics covered include:

A general introduction to the functionality of ScanIP
Image processing filters
Improving segmentation
Effective use of 3D Editing
Mask analysis and processing with Mask Statistics
Tips, tricks and keyboard shortcuts
This webinar is predominantly aimed at existing users of Simpleware ScanIP, with opportunities to ask questions about segmentation and image processing.

Matt Nixon (Application Engineer, Synopsys Simpleware Group)

Prior to joining the Simpleware Support team in 2015, Matt worked as an Associate Research Fellow in the University of Exeter’s Physics department, where he attained his PhD.

#webinar #simpleware #scanip #tips&tricks

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Simpleware Workshop in Chicago, Feb 15 2017

Jon us in Chicago this month for a free workshop on visualising, measuring, and meshing 3D image data for applications such as FEA, CAD and 3D Printing.

This workshop will cover the basics of the software, as well as example workflows and how to customise tools to your own needs. It will also include a demo of the Simpleware software suite, and a hands-on tutorial.

Learn more and register here:

#workshop #simpleware #chicago


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Webinar - Scripting: Automating Workflows in Simpleware ScanIP, Wednesday Feb 8 & Thursday Feb 9 2017

Wednesday Feb 8: 9:00 am PST (West Coast) / 12:00 pm EST (East Coast) / 5:00 pm GMT (UK) / 6:00 pm CET (Europe)

Thursday Feb 9: 8:00 am GMT (UK) / 9:00 am CET (Europe) / 1:30 pm IST (India) / 7:00 pm AEDT (East Australia)

This webinar will cover scripting in ScanIP to achieve better automation of repetitive tasks and show how ScanIP can be augmented for specific workflows with small scripts.

Register: Wednesday (;
Thursday (

Topics covered include:

[Python] Automation of simple workflows through macro recording, then modifying the macros and extending the Ribbon
[Python] Using scripts to optimize inputs to a filter to achieve a precise response
[Python] Batch processing of data to achieve many similar results
[C#] Using statistical values of the data to influence filter parameters
[C#] Quick Example: Extending ScanIP with a custom GUI
This webinar is aimed at people with some background in Python or other programming languages hoping to apply it to ScanIP, or for users hoping to leverage ScanIP scripting with minimal knowledge.


Steve Cockram (Application Engineer, Synopsys Simpleware Group)
Steve joined the Simpleware Support team in 2012. Steve holds a MMath from the University of Exeter with specialism in computational analysis techniques.

#webinar #scripting #python #simpleware

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Fundamentals of Simpleware Training (full day), Feb 7 2017

When: Tuesday, February 7, 2017
Where: Synopsys Reading Training Centre, 100 Brook Drive, Green Park, Reading, RG2 6UJ, United Kingdom


This one-day intensive training course intends to give new and existing users sufficient knowledge of the basic functionality of Simpleware software. It will allow you to develop workflows based your areas of research and future projects.

The day is divided into lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on sessions with our experienced engineers. The training allows you to understand the theory and the application of Simpleware to a wide variety of workflows from different industries and interests.

The course includes the following topics:

Introduction to Simpleware and image-based modelling
Digital imaging basics and imaging methods
Image processing and segmentation in ScanIP
Using CAD parts in image-based processing
Overview of meshing in ScanIP
Creating models for surface meshing
Creating models for FE and CFD meshing using +FE
Creating NURBS models for CAD export using +NURBS
Measurements and Statistics using ScanIP
Image, mask and model visualisation and animation
Export options and further analysis
Options for automating your workflow
Tips and Tricks in Simpleware
Simpleware products covered: ScanIP Software, +FE Module, +CAD Module, +NURBS Module

Please note: This course does not include hands-on training on scripting or automation. Please see the bespoke and advanced training courses if this is your requirement.

Learn more and register here:

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7th Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography (iCT 2017
Feb 7-9 2017, KU Leuven, Belgium

We're visiting Leuven next month for a conference on the latest development in industrial Computed Tomography, used in areas such as Non-destructive Testing, Materials Characterisation, and Dimensional metrology.

Visit us at our booth in the exhibition area to learn about Simpleware's applications in these areas, and attend our talk on new CT developments in the software on Wednesday, February 8th in the 1300-1600 Industry Talks session.

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Lunch & Learn Seminar with Simpleware and SIMULIA, Jan 17th, Santa Clara, CA

This lunch & learn seminar is aimed at those interested in 3D reconstruction from image data (as obtained from CT, FIB-SEM, MRI etc.) to generate models for visualization, measurement, and/or simulation in Abaqus.

During this session you will learn the basics of using Simpleware software, including:

Importing and working with different types of 3D image data
Visualizing and segmenting data to identify regions of interest
Measuring and analyzing images (dimensions, porosity statistics…)
Generating high-quality meshes for import and simulation in Abaqus
Typical workflows and applications for using 3D image data

Learn more and book your place today:

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NYC Neuromodulation 2017, Jan 13-15 2017

We'll be in New York next week for NYC Neuromodulation 2017, where we'll have a booth to discuss Simpleware's applications for patient-specific modelling.

This exciting event on transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) will showcase the latest research and successes for this method.

Learn more about this event here:

For more information on how Simpleware is being used for tDCS research, see our recent webinar with CCNY and Soterix via our webinar archive:

#tdcs #neuromodulation

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Webinar - Biological Modeling for Noninvasive Brain Stimulation

Presented by Dennis Truong (City College of New York, USA)

Wednesday December 7th, 2016 - 9am PST (West Coast); 12pm EST (East Coast); 5pm GMT (UK); 6pm CET (Europe)

Join us and CCNY/Soterix Medical Inc. for this free webinar on how Simpleware software is used to generated models from imaging data for analysing transcranial direct current stimulation

Register here:

#tdcs #simpleware #brainstimualtion #ccny #soterix
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