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Simple Sticky Notes is a really cool and easy to use app. And, it’s free. It works just like your regular post-its, except that you don’t use paper and pen – only your computer. Once you download Simple Sticky Notes, it gets saved on your system tray, and you’re good to go. Each time you need to make a note, double-click on the icon on your system tray, and a new note appears. Type in whatever you need, and it gets saved.

Simple Sticky Notes comes in various themes and colours. You can change the font, make it bold or italic, and even change their transparency. You’ll also find the option of sending your note via e-mail, as well as printing them and hiding them. You can even drag your note to any spot on your desktop.

The latest version of Simple Sticky notes is out (version 2.2). Some of its features include full Unicode support, repeating alarm modes, automatic snapping and alignment, improved stability and performance, and an improved installer. It also updates itself automatically.
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Quick download. Easy usage. Very useful. Reminders right on the desktop.
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