★ Are you (re)writing your website's copy? Refer to our 23-question checklist and make sure you don't forget important elements of persuasion. ★ [NEW BLOG POST]

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And here's the 23-question checklist:


1. For which state of my readers' awareness should I write?
2. Have I defined my primary objective?
3. Have I defined my secondary objective?


4. Have I given my service a clear, descriptive name?
5. Did I show the picture of my service?
6. Who is my ideal customer?
7. Which industries do I serve?


8. Which difficult problems do my services solve?
9. Have I listed 3-5 main benefits of my services?


10. What are my deliverables?
11. Have I explained how the client uses my service?
12. How long will it take me to deliver the service?
13. Is it clear how our unique business process creates value?
14. Are there persuasive case studies?
15. Have I used social proof?
16. Did I position us as different / better than everybody else?
17. Have I defined our price range?
18. Have I made our team look good?
19. Does my agency look trustworthy online?


20. Is there a primary call to action?
21. Is there a secondary call to action?
22. Did I use an opt-in bribe to get people to volunteer their contact info?
23. Did I make it easy for visitors to follow our posts?

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