Do you exchange your #webdesign  and #webdevelopment  work for goods or services? Here are reasons against and reasons for such a decision.
Four reasons why barters are bad news for web developers, and two good reasons to accept a barter. This is my latest article on +Simpfinity web blog about running a web development business. The summary of the article is below, visit the blog to read the details.

When it's a good idea:

- when barters are your idea, and not your client's
- when you can get something unique and rare which is not for sale

Why it's a bad idea:

- you don't get what you truly need (you get something that sounds cool at the moment)
- it's usually not a fair exchange (you barter your time and the other party barters something ready-made)
- it badly affects your attitude
- clients who barter are not a good fit for a web agency 

And do share your positive and negative experiences with barters in the comments!

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