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Here is the NEW video! Simon's Cat in Icecapade.
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Poor Simon, as if dealing with a kitten isn't bad enough!
Entertaining and fun as always:) Love it.
i likehow over time that simons role has been switched to cat and kitten and the way their roles seem to play and interact kinda the same.
some karma coming back to Simon? XD
I love Simon's cat.... I have the poster....
HIHIHIHI The little one is more inteligent than big one ! I love it like the others ;)
First time I've seen Simon's cat. Hilarious.
really look up the one when his owner is sleeping and he wants to be fed
Adorable.  Reminds me so much of my cat, Fujiko.
Hahaha!!! So cute :D !!!!
how much time and people does it takes 2 animate such episode??
And I laugh or so new york wake up air yup map free free
ROFL!  That was hilarious. THank you for the laugh.
Aww...  I love it!!!  :-D
Aww! It is funny how hard he tries and then the little kitty is so much more smart! :)
 I do comic work though this laptop hasn"t the applications I use to have on the Hewitt Packard.  I like full color natural like you see.  Some is stored in my hotmail account.
Aww, poor Simon's Cat - done down by a rascally kitten!
I always txt my spouse when a new one comes out, he should be as excited as me darn it! :-)
i`m surprise she did not let the gnome smash in the pool , simons cat use to be more destructive at first 
hi..hi..hi... it's funny
HAHA...  I can see my cats doing that!
thats soooooo cute!!!! thats why i love cats!!!!!
haha......simon better luck nxt
ha my best friend showed me these videos they are so funny 
love the Simon's cat episodes!
I Dlg
Hahaha! So Cute!
Gabi P.
that is soooo cute!!
I LOVE simons cat videos they are sooo funny :D
that's sad ansd cute at the same time!!!
That put a smile on my face thanks
hehehe its evil...... I love it!!!!   :P
Gi Gi
so weird and funny
Simon's Cat always puts a smile on my face :D
That's my cat across the kitchen floor. My kittens get scared and start to skid around. So funny.
Ivy Jay
the way he says meow sounds so casual hahah.
awww so cute but weird
Anyone who loves or lives with a cat will enjoy this video. ;) 
jeis g
Simon's lost out yet again.
(('*")>...Well,,,,That's so "FUNNY" & "Cute"(Q.q)... ...:3
very nice and cute !! good animation ...animal movments 
jajjajajajjajajajajajajajaj ese gatyo nunca aprende
Thus, I have to add this cat to the "Fave cats" list, next to Nyan Cat. Loved this video!
jjajajjajajajajaj the cat no aprend
ccact catc cta cta cta ct cat cat
si hablo español éro no ingles
i didnt draw it but he artist is good
Good video... but i have to say, i miss the human (Simon?) in the newer videos. I really liked their relationship in the older ones, because it always reminded me of me & my cat... maybe you can make him occur more often in the future again?
Eva I
my favorite, makes me laugh
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