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We have just announce our latest competition, where one lucky winner will win a special Bumper Simon's Cat Goody Bag!!!
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Awe hard for me, getting 9 cats on film lol
For years we have not had a Christmas tree because we decided the cats didn't need a 6-foot-tall cat toy (they already have a "cat tree"). Similarly, we don't have any houseplants because "the cats don't need a salad bar."
Yeah no Xmas tree for me :( all my house plants are now outside
It is the first christmas for my kitten and I am undecided tree or no tree :-)
My wife is hoping that a prickly Blue Spruce will be sufficient to dissuade our ~16-month kitten from climbing it.  We'll find out soon!
We get a 8-9' tall live tree each year, and I'm still surprised neither of our boys try to climb it (even though they love climbing their cat tree).  We do make sure that all the ornaments on the bottom rows of the tree are unbreakable in case they "mysteriously" get knocked off.
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