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Curious to find out what the new challenge is for Donna Hay Styling and Photography Challenge? Have a look now!
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Simone, missed the February as it had meat which I don't eat. Looking forward to March Challenge. The soup looks very tempting above!
He Marian! Too bad! However you can always substitute an ingredient you do not want to use for something else. We even had a vegan bruschetta in the challenge this month.. :) Next month will be vegetarian so your good to go! ;)
Now I wish I'd had time to check out the rules fully. No excuse for next month, great. Must take a look when ready. By the way you're photos during the month certainly inspire I did a gorgeous apple pic for my blog on it. Working on more, getting there. Have a lot of work to do but getting there. This challenge is a great idea, can't wait to get started on it.
The new post will be up on the 3rd of the month. I'm going to be shooting it today or tomorrow (just to check also if the recipe works!) Looking forward to seeing your entries! And am gonna check out your blog now too.. ;)
Oh that's great re looking at my blog. Tks:)
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